Clooneevin most revered! [Cloneevin, Killiney Avenue]

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Wow “most revered residential spots” area?

Holy crap, feels like 2006 all over again, let’s all give praise at the scd property alter

Lovely looking gaff though, notwithstanding the crazy ea description


Absolutely gorgeous house if I had the money - I would.


what a fookin’ gaff!


I have to say there’s a lot to like about this one. :smiley:

Photo/Image #22 is a hoot. Shows a contextless & dimensionless rectangle for the laundry room, with the words “Not to scale, identification only” underneath. It totally fails to convey basic facts about said laundry room.


Bing Bird’s Eye

I’m hard-pressed to make a snarky remark about this one!


Going by some of the neighbours back gardens - it is missing something. A Tennis Court DUH!!!

I think I could maybe possibly live without it and settle!!!


Was asking €2.5m in 2002, €3.375m now. … 13588.html


dont know if this has sold yet - still on

interesting to compare with Fernside which seems in a similar class (although looks in much poorer condition)

would Fernside rank with Cloneevin as one of SoCoDu’s Great Estate (it is an addictative website/blog)?


I would have to say that Fernside is, or at least has the potential to be, far better than Cloneevin. Obviously if you want lots of flat grass, then Cloneevin is attractive, however Fernside is far larger and has 2 acres, compared to Cloneevin’s 1.3 acres. I like big, dramatic, highly-landscaped and manicured gardens such as those on Vico Road and Fernside is ideal for creating a garden like that. Clearly decor-wise Fernside is inferior to Cloneevin, but the house itself is wonderful and with deep pockets I’m sure it could be truly magnificent.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:


Three tennis courts and one pool in the immediate vicinity. I had always written Killiney off as too far out but this is changing my mind. Very tasteful update of the house (cannot say that oftern post CT). My money would, as SoCoDu says, would be in Fernside. Oh for a Euromillions win.


What - no garage? FFS!

I’d still take this over Fernside. I like a nice flat garden. Better for footy with the kids and you’re less likely to tip over in your ride-on-mower.

What a gaff, though.


There is space for a garage down the back with an entrance close to the neighbours drive - reckon I could get a 3 bay in…with lift or pit…


And a turntable, of course. :smiley:

(Though with less of those tasteless ‘moderns’…)


Agreed with that SoCoDu

Was reading about Cloneevin on your great blog (one can dream!), and notice you refer to the fact that St Arnaud beside Cloneevin was for sale in 2011. I notice on the PPR that it did sell for 1.1 million. Nice deal given it is on half acre and looks over 3000 sq ft? It does beg the question regarding Cloneevin’s asking price which you also ponder on the blog? Still, a beautiful looking house. I think it might come down to whether you need - and thus value - the coach house. If you didn’t, then it is more like a mid to late 2 million house - particularly if Fernside goes for 2.5?


I think it has been harder, but not impossible, to get houses materially over the two million mark shifted this far out (unlike d4 and d6 which seems more liquid).

These kind of houses are probably very personal things and can sit there for a while looking for that one buyer for whom it ticks their boxes.

I noticed on SoCuDus site that even in 2001 clooneevin sat on the market for a goood while.

Not great investments - what has been in housing in ireland - but I’m sure beautiful places in which to live if you have the funds for it (and don’t need to do the daily commute).


Agreed David

I think that ths house is in the 2.5 to 2.7 range all things considered in the current mkt.

A beautiful house in fairness!


Is the upper end so dead that price drops are ignored ?
Cloneevin from 3,375,000 to 2,995,000. … ey/1998436
I’m guessing the 5k off the 3m mark implies they are open to lower?

Pricing out in Killiney however is very weak (although today’s Coolbawn figure on Ailesbury Road doesn’t help)
I think Miramar at 3m might have given false hope - particularly since Eirene beside it went for a lot lower at 1.35m
Eirene is on a bigger site but house was in much poorer condition than Miramar.
Still, in hindsight, had to see Miriamr going to much above 2.2m if sold again today (more like Vico Ville etc.) … blin-54637 … blin-17402

Cloneevin still looks like one of the prettiest houses on the market (in my view).
It may still be materially off however where pricing is for Killiney top-end houses?


I love this house.

How is this sub-€3m and Deepwell asking €10m?

This is the seclusion you’d want for your millions.


Totally different offerings to be honest. I don’t think Deepwell is worth near €10m, but it is far more centrally located and is on 2.3 acres, compared to 1.3 here. People will pay a big premium to live in Blackrock over Killiney and the Killiney Hill area has been suffering big-time since the Tiger died. Cloneevin isn’t at the best location on Killiney Hill either as further up around Fernside would be a more highly regarded location. Also Cloneevin is, realistically, a property which can be found commonly in Killiney. No shortage of big Victorian houses on over an acre, although the finish here is better than normal. Deepwell posesses a certain magic with its views, beautiful design and dramatic italianate gardens. You don’t have a view here. Just some of the reasons, but obviously doesn’t justify a 7m difference. Deepwell would be more comparable with a house like Mount Eagle on Vico Road, which has substantial italinate gardens (3 acres, but far less usable), swimming pool, tennis court, DART running through the end of the garden and is of a similar size. Problem is that homes of this caliber just never come on the market so it is hard to tell.

On the other hand, everything on the market looks expensive compared to Bartra House at €3m, which was one of the best buys of the decade.