Cloran, Laragh, Co. Wicklow (-500k, -25%)

Was 2m

Now 1.5m

266€/Sq FT

This has to be one of the best value houses around imo. Only for the hours commute to Dublin I’d be there in a flash that an the small matter of the 1.5 mil…

This house looks great but I think you’d need an inheritance instead of thinking about the commute here. Still way overpriced IMO

so you think 266/sqft is overpriced?

For laragh in county wicklow yes i believe this is overpriced to everyone (except the vendor but maybe there is someone out there with the same taste)

+1. 266/sq.ft. would be good value in Killiney. In Laragh it’s outrageous. 900k max.

For a house in this condition with sauna, pool, turkish bath, tennis court on 7 acres - you folks are dreamin’. Lounging around with neighbours Daniel Day and Paul McGuinness. Laragh is the new Killiney! 1.2mil maybe.

Well I’m buying it anyway and yis can’t stop me. XD