Close to any of our parties?

If anyone is wondering if their views are close to those of any of the Irish or indeed European political parties this online application may let you know (or not)… Professor Peter Mair of the Department of Political and Social Sciences at the European University Institute has come up with a EU wide party profiler. It is a voting advice application for the European elections which not only lets the voter see which party he/she is closest to in Ireland, but also in Europe as a whole.
The results will also be used in EU wide research so it will be interesting to see Irish people’s reaction to political parties compared with the citizenry elsewhere.

Off to Scotland for me - I’m closest to the SNP! Slightly left of centre, slightly in favour of more EU integration!

One question I would like to see asked is whether one would be bound by a europe-wide referendum on constitutional changes, i.e. no state having a veto, but perhaps a 60% majority on a minimum turnout of 60% if a state did vote against. It is interesting (to me anyway) that the EU democracy aspect seems to be all or nothing in one direction or the other. I don’t subscribe to this point of view.

libertas comes up for me

Off to Spain or Denmark for me. Right of centre, pro-EU integration. My friend from Barcelona will be glad to hear I’m a close match for the Associaco Ciutadans de Catalunya or the Liberal Alliance party of Denmark.

Scarily my closest match for Irish parties is Fianna Fail. I guess there were no questions on my feelings towards corruption and cronyism …

I’m getting Libertas domestically, and Občanská demokratická strana (Czech civil democratic party - as the closest in Europe overall.

The Ulster Unionist Party. :smiley:

. there is a probability to vote question, I cant say for sure but my guess is that if you put it to zero for FF it may impact…

Domestically I got the Green Party. On an EU level, I got some crowd called the IDS (who are they, anyone know?), even though economically, it appears from the results, I don’t agree with their policies, it appears.

Slightly left of centre.

That was fun :smiley: Green Party for me. The questions under the Help our Research button were interesting too. I’d like to see what results they get.

I’m halfway between FF and Green, does this mean I should be happy right now?

Thank god I didnt come up GP or FF…

I came up FF. All this proves is that Irish parties’ stated policy (I asume this is what it is based on) is completely at odds with their practice when in power.

I came out as a “Centerist”. T
he closest party to me was Libertas.
I was slightly to the right in terms of socioeconomics and slightly anti-European integration.

I was far closer to the Centre of the Graph at the end than any other party.

But then isn’t that how it’s meant to be. Always fighting, always bickering, always creating trouble these parties rather than doing anything postive for their peoples generally in the bigger scale of things.

Well that vindicated my general grumpiness and sense of alienation - nowhere near any Irish political party!

I am, apparently, down the bottom, centre-left, but a good distance east and south of SF.

Center Left strongly pro European

Yes but I put in zero for probability of ever voting for FF and the profiler picked them as the party closest to my ideals in Ireland. Ho hum, I guess as others have said it’s based on the parties stated ideals and doesn’t take into account their corrupt nature.

GroenLinks in Netherlands for me.

No where near an Irish party

I’m coming up close to the Green party who I wouldn’t vote for because I think they haven’t a clue how to help the environment. Pro tip for any greens reading this - I am strongly pro-environment but taxing the sh!t out of anything and everything and saying its a “green tax” doesn’t actually help anybody and actually hurts the cause of environmentalism because you come off a bunch of far-left idiots unable to think about anything except taxing everything - there are much better ways of helping the environment than p!ssing off the electorate to no good end and helping FF invent new taxes.

I think the problem with this engine is there is a huge separation between the publically stated position of a party and what they’ll actually do in power. I found myself reading the question, coming up with my answer and then modifying that to take account of how Irish parties make a complete @rse out of any stated policy position.

Come on Vasemmistoliitto! (Finland).