Closing date

Hi guys
I’ve recently gone sale agreed (delighted :smiley: ) with a targeted closing date of late December or early January.
I’m a ftb and it is intended as a house for life. Is there any budgetary implications I should consider when deciding on a final date?
My mortgage provider(kbc) did say a while back that a drawdown in 2014 would give me free life insurance for a year so this is one thing to consider anyway.
I heard someone on here making reference to CGT at some point but not sure of the specifics
Thanks in advance,

Congratulations. As I understand it the CGT regime changes shouldn’t really be a concern to you if you intend to live in the house as your principle private residence for life (unless some future government decides to change this). However if there’s a change you want to rent it out in the next 7 years then it would be much better to close it before the end of 2014 because the CGT exemption for investors who hold their investment property for 7 years is ending at the end of this year.

What’s “the December madness”? Just “the Christmas” and all that comes with it?

Yep. As it’s been explained to me anyway.