Clueless Dublin Estate Agents

I have been keeping an eye on the Dublin house market for a while now, being in the happy position of returning soon from abroad with a large lump of cash and a job in hand.
I have sent in online enquiries on a few houses - and have received not one reply from an EA. I arranged for a family member to view 2 houses on my behalf. In both cases, the EAs refused to let her take photos to send me to help me decide. In both cases, the houses have been on the market many many months (and are way overpriced in the current market) -and are still on the market.

What sort of brainless people are Dublin EAs that in this market they do not respond at all to online (or e-mail) queries, and refuse photographs that might help expedite a sale?
If this is their level of interest and competence, then they deserve the pitifully small commissions they must be earning at the moment.

At a guess, they think third party photos will undermine their professional “showing the property in its best light” photos.

No idea why they don’t respond to emails, but they wouldn’t be different to a whole load of other businesses that way. They may still have the attitude that serious buyers will phone.

We found the same. Phone, e-mail & leaving detailed messages; nothing works. In some cases the houses probably aren’t really for sale.

A mutual friend has informed the vendor of one house that we had tried & failed to view their house. It is for sale & the vendor was shocked to hear we contacted the EA three times to try & view the property. The EA knows we are cash buyers but there was no follow through.


Online enquires total waste of time. Phone is the best option. Then when you view a place get them to put you on their mailing list.

If your family member just goes to a viewing and takes photos the EA on the day will not stop them. I have done this myself several times. Why would you even ask their permission - it ain’t there home and it isn’t theirs to give.

But leaving all that aside. Yes they are generally incompetent, arrogant etc. fuelled in large part by the bubble from which they still hope to return. There are a few good/diligent ones out there but finding them is like climbing the Himalayas in search of a very rare flower.

There was thread on here about whose bad/good - think it was called worst estate agent in ireland - but it seems to have disappeared.

I agree with the above, though have had one happy exception recently. An EA I contacted by email responded promptly with the details I required, then followed up with a phonecall. He also showed up on time to the viewing. I had not heard of him until recently but am beginning to see quite a lot of properties being put on the market by him. Conversely, there is one particular crowd I emailed and called numerous times about two different properties they were selling, with no response. I’d like to get a look at that thread if it was still about.

I contacted an estate agent over 2 weeks ago and still have not got a viewing. First I emailed then I called. Then I emailed again and they said it was on view that day at 4pm. I was in work so couldn’t go at short notice and asked for a Saturday or later evening viewing. There was an offer in they said (22% less than the asking), and the Saturday didn’t suit them so I asked regarding the next Saturday and they said they would organise a viewing for me if it “wasn’t already sale agreed”. Never heard back.
I viewed another house with a well known company and my email were answered within minutes, and after the viewing they contacted me to see if I was interested. They was a lot of interest in the property and a number of bids so they were obviously making an effort to get as close to the asking for their client as possible.

My friend is looking in Meath and is having the same problems. She is chasing up estate agents for viewings. No one is calling her back, and after a viewing no one has ever followed up with her. They are practically indifferent whether she is interested or not, all they want to do is tell her they have a bid of X, and she should bid above X. They told the EAs exactly what they want and what budget they have (although this is obviously a bit below what they could spend!) and asked them to keep in touch if something came up that met their criteria - more suitable properties have come up but they didn’t hear a word from any of them.

It’s very strange

Rule 1: Most Irish EAs will ignore Emails.
Rule 2: If they ignore the phone too, contact the seller direct. >;)

We followed up again. The offer is being considered and we will be contacted if it falls through! WTF? My other half is dying for this house and asked me if we could offer 5k or10k above the current offer without seeing the house!

Edit: unless Im wrong and this is the way they do things, but they still do not know if I could offer more…

A good lesson on how the EA’s interests are not aligned with the vendor’s.

Remember, the agency is probably on 1% commission or thereabouts. So an extra 5,000 will only get them €50 in fees (and even less for the individual). Not worth the bother. If they have a reasonably solid offer, it makes more sense for them to push the vendor to accept it than to muddy the waters by 5-10k.

I was thinking that they were selling it to someone they know :angry: Or maybe that’s just me being suspicious!

If that was true it would be a real worry for many pinsters as to the future direction of the market.

IMO it is probably the EA trying to collect his fee on a property that is effectively sold.