Co Galway properties

Hope this is the appropriate forum for this topic , if not apologies to Moderators and other posters. Anyhow, here goes :
Partner and I currently keeping an eye on property options around Co Galway, particularly Loughrea, Craughwell, Athenry and areas in between or near to these towns.
In each town we have viewed online (Daft/Myhome etc) a number of properties/estates and , as we don’t live in the areas under consideration, we would be glad of any views from those “in the know” as to how desireable or otherwise these properties might be. We did a few brief “drive by viewings” when in the area during the summer.
Some of the estates appear unfinished, so we’re not sure of future plans for these areas, but would be appreciative of any “heads up” on issues (positive or negative) for prospective buyers.
Loughrea -
unfinished estate at Carraig Linn, appears to be nice houses in quiet area but large area of estate vacant/unfinished. Cois Fuarain, ditto -unfinished ?
any other nice estates around Loughrea we may have missed ?

Craughwell -
Lana an Bhaile /Ballymore Lane, kinda similar to Carraig Linn in Loughrea but appears most houses occupied
Gleanntan na hAbhainn - only 3 houses built here and somewhat unfinished look ? Website would indicate that a much larger development was planned but seems only 3 houses built ?
Any other recommendations for Craughwell ?

Athenry - we didn’t make it to Athenry but from property websites appears quite a lot of vacant properties in estates round the town - any recommendations or otherwise ?

Any comments , positive or negative , in private or otherwise would be much appreciated
Thanks !

132 views and no comments ! Am I in the wrong forum or what ???

You will find that certain estates were built by ‘good’ builders, eg Jairdin/Hazelwood were the one guy and certain estates were built by cowboys and there is a €20k difference between them at least. Loughrea was so utterly greviously overbuilt that a semi should not cost more than €100k there even if NOT built by a cowboy. There have been demolitions there in the last 2 years, I think RTE covered an apartment block shell coming down because there is no demand for apartments out there for sure.

Look at the finish on a 10 year old estate and see whose tarmac and paths are holding up. :slight_smile:

Craughwell, on the other hand, is a mess of detached houses and is overbuilt to the east.

I think there is very little demand in Galway east of Craughwell village but Loughrea is an OK town to live in (as is Athenry) where Tuam and Ballinasloe are a lot rougher. Suggest you rent out around there for a winter and find out more is all. Prices wont rise by next year although they may at a stretch stabilise in Athenry.


What are you looking to buy in a unfinished estate/unfinished house when there are hundreds of finished houses on the market for reasonable amounts?
Do you want to live in the village/town or outside it?

There are more one-offs out there than one could shake a stick at - and they ain’t finding buyers at the moment.

Don’t be in a rush, house prices in Loughrea and Craughwell and anywhere 20 odd miles out or more will drop further. Grevious oversupply. I’d say 2 more years of drops no matter what happens in Galway City and a full year after Athenry stabilises.

Compare similar aged estates. EG Hazelwood and Ard Breeda and Ashlawn are around 15 years old, according to OSI maps [**(1995)* * (,561709,716757,6,5) so check finishes ( tarmac/plaster/paths (subsiding or not) streetlights ( straight or not) windows replaced or original. etc etc etc. Much of the stuff on the east is 10 years old or less. Nothing built since 2007, not a sausage.

Most of east Loughrea is post 2000, if you go for an unfinished estate ( layer of tarmac missing manhole and gutters sticking up) then insist they finish it as part of the contract. You often find a cul de sac like that so they have to spend €20k to get it to standard.

If an estate is NOT “taken in charge” by the council at max 10 years old then WHY??? It should be. Often thats sewers not installed properly so avoid. I doubt if there is a single solvent builder anywhere in Loughrea, they all went nuts. :slight_smile:

Keep a good eye on this one > … 170c7.html if it cannot get off at that price then thats the max market price that side of town.

Thanks for your comments Magpie
Town or country living would suit us fine and while there is a large supply of one offs around both towns with no buyers , the prices hav not dropped to any extent for these houses since we started our house hunt…we live in hope!!!

The way to get prices down is make an offer and thats it, if you have mortgage approval in the Loughrea?Craughwell area and the auctioneer knows you have it then you only need one person who needs cash to accept your offer. The area is rancid with one offs and emigration has decimated the population around there.

Relations live in the Craughwell area and two newly build/half built houses lie idle beside them. Most of the rural mcmansions are hideous. Id be wary about any estate that has river or abhann in the title. The flooding when it hits the area is spectacular.

So much to choose from you need to narrow down what you like and are looking for.

If you want to commute to Galway, would not go east of Craughwell or Athenry, in Craughwell there are allot of one-offs like this one with a few years on them but well located, big site, and not needing allot to be comfortable.

Loughrea for me is a no go, too spread out and no great quality of life there IMO, Athenry, Craughwell, Oranmore, Monivea, much nicer but each to their own. Choices you have, that’s for sure. Would avoid unfinished estates to be honest, why bother when theres plenty of stock without the hassle.

Get a few miles out from any town and there is allot of house to be had for 200K

You have a ring of those around 20 miles out of Galway from Headford to Ballyglunin to Monivea to Craughwell and then Ardrahan and Kinvara, they are everywhere. But at around 200k for a good un they would be twice the cost of a semi in Loughrea. I’ve seen some fantastically finished houses going as low as 200k on occasion.

You could punt €35k > :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments folks, much appreciated !
Our preference would be somewhere within the Loughrea/Craughwell/Athenry/Ardrahan triangle. Ideally 3-4 bedroom property in small mature/established estate or single dwelling in countryside in this catchment would be cool ! Also, not being particularly project minded, a ready to go property would also be on our shortlist.
Some fine properties listed in Daft for sure, most of the nice ones somewhat beyond our mortgage approval unfortunately :confused:
We don’t want to antagonise sellers or auctioneers with offers which , in our view just wouldn’t fly ! - wouldn’t do our street cred as prospective buyers any favours either !!
Accepted, there may be some vendors ready to sell at reduced prices, but not pitched accordingly on Daft etc.??
I suppose its a case of watch and wait and hope the market here bounces along the bottom a while longer !!
Thanks again for all the guidance !

As one poster wisely advised:
Watch out for flood risk - regardless of all the other stuff - do not buy if there is even a hint of historic flooding or any future potential.
Teach yourself contours!
Good Luck!

Craughwell was impassable in the November 2009 floods and has the Worlds Biggest Turlough too.

There are ‘flood risk’ maps available and the local area plan ( the council planning/zoning scheme for Loughrea or Athenry) will have a local flood risk map somewhere. You should separately ask locals where the floods actually were in 2009. A house at Derrydonnell Cross floods every other year or so it seems. Gort was notoriously flooded around 20 years ago but the area from Loughrea to the sea and from Lackagh to the Clare border is all quite risky and getting riskier…the NPWS will not let the OPW do any dredging and deepening along the Clarin and Dunkellin rivers which are the main drainage systems.

Hi Pinsters , back to my previous postings (obsession maybe ??) re property around Craughwell.
Any comments on this property which has had a price reduction on Myhome - unfinished estate -only 3 houses on elevated site near Craughwell Railway station - worth a punt ??? … ay/1764834

All comments greatly appreciated - private or public forum

For 99k it seems reasonable. I would get a good structural survey/ engineering report to give you some piece of mind.

Did they landscape the rest of the estate that wasn’t finished? Or am I thinking of the right place?

Sure for that money, if the place is sound, it is hard to go too far wrong. Not much happening in Craughwell though.

I’d be inclined to go out towards Kinvara direction and see what you can get. A bit more going on out there, access to the sea, mountains, pubs, restaurants, good schools, etc.

Check the flood maps, chat to locals about re-mediation works carried out after the incidents of 2009.

See if you can get insurance on the property.

Thanks for comment Stapler ! You are in the right place , only 3 houses built.
No landscaping done there so far, not sure of the level of finish on the houses either, although from “drive by” it appears at least one is occupied. We will probably have a chat with the EA and a viewing perhaps to clarify level of finish etc and get an engineering view re the flooding issues raised elsewhere re this location.
Kinvara or points west of Craughwell towards Kilcolgan would also suit us but prices there still a bit beyond our budget ,but keeping an eye on the scene there.
Thanks again for the advice

Thanks for the response Magpie , those youtube videos are certainly scary, we will check the local situation about the flooding and also the insurance issue. The site itself is somewhat elevated (I think) but I will be checking out position re access/road flooding.
Thanks again for your input !

This is Craughwell 2009 ( looking east) you are looking at a house 300m camera right and wondering why it might be cheapish. :mrgreen:

Make sure you give the townlands Aggard and Killora when you ask for an insurance quote and whether they will cover flood. Think that estate is in Killora. There was noone LIVING there in 2009 so there was no insurance claim on that estate.