Cois Na Sidhe, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo (-925k, -48.6%)

Was €1.9m (still showing the old price on

Now €1.5m

€490/sq foot, welcome to Dublin !

You could buy two islands for that!!!


Down another one hundred grand to €1.4m on myhome.

Still grotesquely overpriced in my opinion.

It’s very nice but it ain’t worth a seven digit figure. Perhaps they were hoping one of the Westlife boys would snap it up at that price :wink:

I think €750000 is grand for an island, only thing is…It’ll be underwater in a few years wont it??? Climate Change!

Only €0.57 per sq foot when if allow for your 30 acre garden, even cheaper at low tide

How about E975? … igo/108435

So It’s Balincar not Rosses Point it it? Known locally as Sligo’s Golden mile? I’d be fairly local and I’ve never heard of a Golden mile :laughing:

It’s a wonder they didn’t mention the fantastic lung filling whiff from the spectacular channel that passes by or the rats?

Cois na Sidhe, Rosses Point, Sligo is now on at €975k on
This represents a massive drop. The results of this reduction should be to lower the second hand market in the area. Houses on for €8-900k may now reasonably be priced at the €450k mark. What they’ll eventually go for is anyones guess.

Reasonably priced at €450k :angry: This is Sligo we are on about. There is nothing reasonable about this price

Now Sale Agreed…

Hmmm I wonder who the lucky buyer was. Rumour has it a local business man and his wife to be were in the market for a house in this area.

Any idea what it went for in the end?

Hmmm I thought you might know. You came to it’s defence very snappy :laughing:

nah, the lower the better as far as I’m concerned. gives me a % to bargain with as a potential buyer!!!

According to the new property price database is went for 835k