Collapse - Practical advice

What happens when we collapse, fuck knows but here is some required reading from someone who experienced collapse. Very good reading IMO, I shouldn’t even be telling you this shit :wink: It’ll be every man for himself :nin

I won’t copy & paste, just read the thread … ntina.html

He has a book he is selling now on it but the info is free on the net in various forums, his name is Ferfal.

There is another story I’ll try dig up from a chap called dmitry orlov, he experienced the collapse of communism…I’ll have a look for it now…
EDIT: Sorry, it’s a book now, it was published online years ago, well worth a read … 0865716064


Apples and oranges - Dmitry Orlov is talking more about the US.

Would only be comparable here if you were talking about Europe going down the tubes.

Edit: Found the article…

Dmitry Orlov, … sons.shtml … art2.shtml … art3.shtml

What’s the difference? collapse is collapse. I can only look at history & it ain’t pretty! I think you know that yourself!

We’ve lost our sovereignty & we’ve done nothing, were fucked, I feel sick, same as when we lost to lisbon 2 :cry: