College Square Terenure - New builds

Originally launched Sept 2006 … y17379.asp

Next phase prices given here:

3 Bed: €990,000 -> €750,000 (-25%)

5 Bed: €1.85 million-> €1,300,000 (-30%)

6 Bed: €3.5 million-> € 1,800,000 (-49%)

To put it in perspective, the entire site for 50+ properties was bought for €10m in 2001… :open_mouth:

For further perspective, in Sept 2006:

And then in March 2007:

Imagine those unlucky ones whose purchase of a 6 bed O’Mansion didn’t fall through as they what the new neighbours waltz in with an extra €1.7m in their pockets.

But, as they said in Spetember 2006 “there is never a bad time to buy”. :unamused:

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. To me, this development has the potential to be the most extreme example of the bubble lunacy.

Is there any way of finding out how many actually went for €3.5m? Honestly, even at the height of the madness I find it impossible to imagine who would be stupid enough to “trade up” (lol) from one of the surrounding mature areas to this estate. I know lots of families of friends from this area (plenty of well-off people) and I can’t imagine these 6-beds (6-bed??? WTF is a 6-bed anyway???) appealing to any of them at even half this price. Mind-boggling. Honestly, I’d be shocked if even 1 of these sold in the first phase. Would really love to know.

And would also be fascinated how many of them go at half that price. Again, I really doubt any of them will go.

One to watch, and if anyone has more info or inside knowledge I’d love to hear it.

Chomp we should all feel elated. We are witness to the biggest grift done in this country and we weren’t victims of it. The government and their builder friends were the grifters. The king of the grifters Bertie Ahern, has been exposed and has managed to walk away laughing up his sleve.
You are looking at those prices after the grift has been exposed. They look insane to everybody now. It is only the Pinsters who thought they were crazy before the grift was exposed. That’s the hard part.
Don’t be too hard on the victims though. It was tough not to be fooled when you have the most powerful forces in the country doing their damnest to fool us.

Why should we feel elated. Wouldn’t we nearly all have been better off if the stupid bloody bubble never happened in the first place, and we had all been able to buy a reasonably priced home as soon as we were ready.

And that is right on the money.

Obviously. But since we can’t go back in time…

This is untrue. We are victims of it because some of us were priced out of owning our own homes and still have to deal with tenancy. It is mere luck in one way that we avoided the pain. I want my own house. I think this is omething quite a lot of people here might just forget. It is not just about the ROI on a PPR. Some of us wouldn’t have cared how much prices went up. We do care that such rises impact on people on a day to day basis. The impact the collapse will have on the economy is currently unknown.

We might not have swallowed the line about buying, but the events as they eventuated do not leave us unaffected. We are victims of the circumstances, end of.

True. But we are going to be compensated. Prices will drop below their true price on it’s way down. Be smart, buy in the trough and you can reclaim the years Bertie stole from you.
Now, if you really wanted compensation you could buy a few investment properties in the trough. However, you would have to believe Ireland’s time in the sun was not just a once off. I for one can’t decide whether Ireland will return to the basket case it once was.
I will keep an eye on things but I think it could go either way. I think if German and Spain go ahead with their plan of nullifying our corporate tax rates then we are shagged. In all honesty I can’t see why they wouldn’t. the only upside is the fact that these types of things take a long time to sort out so we may have 10 years of the low corporate rate still.
Either way I want Bertie to spend several years in prison if ( :unamused: ) he is found to have commited fraud.

Online prices have now been changed to POA.

Sounds like another drop … ! :smiley:

Please Offer Anything!

Dammit…I offered 10/1 on a €100 stake that these properties wouldn’t sell in 6 months at those prices…but it didn’t even take 6 days for the prices to go out the window!! Actually, it hardly even took 6 hours now that I think about it!!

What a complete joke this country is.

Sounds like our musings on the pin got back to the developer/agent.

Long time lurker, first time poster. I am from this area, and I have been looking to buy for a long time. When coming back from a visit to my parents house to my rented accommodation, and decided to stop and have a look. I can tell you that only one looked as if it were occupied. Then the security guard came over to challenge me as to why I was there.

For Bel-Air prices, I’d expect Bel-Air security!

Erm, I originally wrote this line as a joke, but actually, these literally are Bel-Air prices! Here are some Bel-Air homes CHEAPER than the orginal asking for sunny Terenure: … 9709.shtml

As a matter of interest, how big is this development now, and what is the mix of 3/4/5/6 beds? Also, you mention only one looking occupied - do you mean only one of the €3.5m homes, or only one in total?

There was only one 6 bed looked occupied. The rest of them are duplex type units, and there was about 5% of those occupied and they appear to have held off building the rest of the units. The consensus in the area is that thy are very nice, but some locals are worried that they will remain unsold, and could end up as affordable housing. NIMBY.


Not being in the market for a house/apartment etc. as I already have my own money pit, I don’t often look at the price drops, but the houses in this thread are mond-biggling!

Like Chomp, wow is all I can say! I mean, Terenure is really quite nice, there is still a lot of green, a great butchers, but like many suburbs on the south side, it is a through route from the outer suburbs to the centre. Traffic is crackers pretty much all the time. Who wants to live with that?

edit: I’ve just had a look on the myhome map: … JAFQ353025
It’s in fucking Kimmage!