College Square Terenure - New builds

no wonder they can’t sell them :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s East Kimmage.

Yes I will take some of that action. I’ll stake €180,000 at 10-1. err not really

Does anyone know what the latest is on these, they have always been astronomical prices, have any sold? I have heard these developers are not hurting too bad in comparison to some. Just interested to see opinions here as this would be one fairly empty estate.

According to this page, all 3 beds have been sold … d=10005297

And if you click on the links for each house type here … 1&search=1
it says there are 3 of each 4,5 and 6 bed houses. Whether that’s true or not, who knows? :angry:

One 5 bed To Let here for €2,700 pm

Another here? for €3,200 pm … g=0&page=6

To be precise, they say: “Currently all SOLD”… :confused:

EA Advised that 4 beds ranging from €850k - €925k but are open to offers.

Worth about €550k if address is Kimmage, as stated above.

How did you contact the EA?

I contacted the estate agent (Savills) via telephone on 6181430.

:laughing: Well spotted Larry, does that mean maybe that only the ones they put on the market were sold, and they have more to release soon??

4 beds now advertised at €700k:
5 beds €900k:

5 beds now €875k:

Lead and Ballon come to mind. Sean Mulryan must be feeling the Anglo heat. How much will NAMA sell these off for?

Jesus H Christ on bike

“College Square is a rarely available park-land development of stately houses and apartments situated just four miles south of the centre of Dublin, in one of the most sought-after residential quarters.
At College Square the classical elements of Victorian and Edwardian architecture are skillfully combined with contemporary Design. The result is a flexible and adaptable luxury homes, satisfying both urban needs and rural aspirations. Traditional red brick under blue slate roofs, contrasts with cool cream render, whilst elegant Portland Stone window reveals and pediments confirm the quality of the craftsmanship.
Next to the heart of Terenure Village, yet minutes from Dublin city centre, College Square offers everything a person could ask for, life, balanced by the tranquility of the verdant setting.”

1800 EURO A YEAR MAINTENACE FEE!!!..they are having a laugh…Anyone who buys here needs their head checked…seriously…they do!! XX

5 Beds now €800k …

(-€1.05m, -56.75%)
5 Bed New Build
€4145 per sq m (800000/193)
€385 per sq ft (800000/2077) … AIFW404013

Media coverage…

Prices are slashed at stylish Terenure development

Since when the f**k is Wainsfort Road next to the heart of Terenure Village. These houses are over a mile a way from Terenure and Wainsfort is in fact Templeogue. More EA bullshit…pathetic. I grew up in this area and it’s not a “sought-after residential quarter” it’s just boring blah middle class.

wainsfort is in terenure.
the rest i agree with…

6 Bed Detached 3143 sq ft now €1.25m (-€2.25m, -64.3%)

6 Bed Detached (new build)
€4296 per sq m (1250000/291)
€398 per sq ft (1250000/3143)