Collins Avenue, Santry area


We’re starting to look at houses in the Collins Avenue area in Dublin. One in particular which ticks all the boxes is right beside DCU.

We have some questions about the area is anyone is familiar with it:

  1. Given that there’s probably a large student population in the area, does it feel like a proper community? I fear it may feel a bit “no man’s land” as there’s no village / centre nearby.
  2. Looking in the map, it’s quite close to Ballymun, and the Wadelai Park area (which I’d always thought was Finglas), is there a large risk of anti social behaviour?



I presume you mean Collins Avenue Extension which is where DCU is located. I am quite familiar with the area having grown up close by. You are correct in that it doesnt have a a village centre but thats no different from 90% of estates or roads in Dublin. You may have problems with students parking near your house… I am not sure if they have made the area disk parking for residents yet. You are near Ballymun Road and Glasnevin Avenue which is a fine area.

In terms of ameneties, Albert College is close by which is great for walks, runs, playground etc. and there is generally no trouble there. Also the Botanic Gardens is quite walkable. DCU has a very good gym too which you can join. You are quite near the Autobahn in Glasnevin which is a decent pub. Nearest shops are the EuroSpar opposite the DCU entrance on Ballymun Road or the shops on the Swords Road near the Viscount pub. The OminPark is Santry is quite close by too. Local primary school is OLV on Ballymun Road which is grand and St Aidans Boys Secondary school beside DCU. Scoil Catriona and Dominican College secondary schools for girls are close by too.

For transport, you can walk down to the bus stop at the Ballymun Raod end of DCU and get buses into town coming from Ballymun, Finglas and Glasnevin or walk to the Swords Road and get buses going into town from the airport and Swords.

Overall, I would say it’s quite a decent place to live. It is quite a busy road and may be noisy even though the houses are in a bit off the road.

I hope this helps.


Those houses are quite cold in the winter, get the insulation checked out.


Yes, Collins Avenue Extension. It’s just off Collins Avenue, so traffic noise wouldn’t really be an issue.

Very helpful information bby. Thanks so much.

Most definitely. Would nearly be the first thing we’d do to the house.


Grew up around there also. It’s not a bad area. Just to add to the schools mentioned above you also have Larkhill Primary School and the girl’s secondary at Margaret Aylward’s which are both nearby. There are also shops on Shanard Rd and beside the Autobahn and you are only 5 minutes from Omni Shopping & Cinema and 10 minutes from the airport.


Think I know the house you are talking about as my friend used to live there. Its a very cold house so get that done asap. But regarding the area, its a nice area no issues re anti social behaviour and you are right beside everything in terms of schools, parks, shops, pubs etc… only bad thing is, as mentioned, it is a very busy area for college students. They park everywhere! But its a nice area good luck with the house :slight_smile:


I would be broadly in agreement with comments already made.
It’s a grand area, probably bland too, but solid. Definitely a different place to Finglas and Ballymun in terms of street environment, and I’ve not known much problems from the college. Would say it will help if you ever find yourself wanting to rent out the house (between DCU and Beaumont hospital you’ve a good catchment).

One tiny clarification: Scoil Catriona is a mixed school (for well over 20 years), so it and Scoil Mobhi are options for boys and girls (little bit of a hike down from Collins Ave, but well walkable and definitely bikeable, don’t know how catchment areas work though).


I grew up on Collins Ave, near the junction with Larkhill Road. I agree that it’s not a problematic area in terms of antisocial behaviour. The proximity to Ballymun is simply a trick of the map :wink:. But if I’m honest I always found it a bit soulless, particularly the end you’re thinking of. And nowadays it seems quite dwarfed by DCU; not necessarily a bad thing of course. That’s not to say there’s no community spirit - I don’t live there now so I don’t know. It might be an idea to walk the area on foot - say down to the nearest shop and back.

I went to Holy Child Larkhill and wouldn’t recommend it. You will have to be quick off the draw to get anyone into Scoil Mobhi - the waiting lists are very tight (I’m told). There is a very well-regarded Educate Together on the Ballymun Road, behind the Esso.