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Lovely old country manor hotel:

"understood that Middleton Park House is also under consideration.

"Tensions are rising. We’ve seen what’s happening in Kinnegad, RTÉ’s Prime Time programme did a feature on Kinnegad last week, and we’ve seen what’s happening in City West.

"Is that what’s going to happen in Mullingar?

"The number of undocumented males flooding into this country is extremely worrying - and we want answers. How many will be housed in Mullingar?

“We want answers as to how so many undocumented males are being allowed into this country, and where the loophole in the law is that is allowing this to happen.”

The barracks in the centre of the town is being used by up to 30 community groups, and locals are angry at what they see as a lack of consolation

Now that’s just disingenuous - we have plenty of NGOs who you can turn to. And then there’s the additional pool of lads for the women folk…so much by way of consolation…think how much more colourful Paddy’s day will be…

Maybe some of these new arrivals will be able to cleanse the barracks of masculine culture.

And if they start acting toxicly masculine themselves we will know it is just the fault of the Irish army leaving behind the residues of their deplorable masculinity.

To be fair though Tom Cloonan was one of the better guests Matt Cooper had on back when I used to listen to The Last Word and he used to talk about similar issues.

In a tender notice published this week, the Defence Forces said it was “striving to better represent the society they are committed to serve, as Ireland’s population becomes increasingly diverse”.

They’re looking for soldiers happy to beat and kill white people.

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Oh dear. Can’t put a lid on it.