Coming for the Babies - The Great TABOO Swtich-A-ROO



The Great Taboo Switch-A-Roo

They’ve done an incredible job, you have to give the Provid Regime and their demented bought-and-paid-for-media credit where credit is due.

They took the word VULNERABLE and used it to destroy and kill.

They disarmed your natural instincts to protect the most vulnerable allowing them direct unchecked access to the most vulnerable in society by simply subverting or swapping out one word for another using your noodle.

What has always been TABOO? - Why experimenting on the vulnerable defenceless members of our families our societies, our nations, the old/infirm (unsound of mind), the pregnant women, the children and the babies.

Oh they haven’t come for the children and babies yet you say?

They are coming for the children and babies.
They are coming for the children and babies.
They are coming for the children and babies.
They are coming for the children and babies.
They are coming for the children and babies.
They are coming for your children, your babies.
Remember remember september September.

Coronavirus 2020
Coronavirus 2020



Quality timing. Pfizer injecting their message into school children minds this week with the help of teachers and the department of education.


If true then all involved are guilty of murder, not manslaugher. Why are they even thinking of giving an early stage experimental vaccine for something that has zero health risk to babies and children. Children get very large numbers of corona virus infections. Its a large part of building out their immune system. The death rate from these infections in children is basically nil. The general adult population infection rate is around 1%, for school age children the infection rate is usually 10% to 15%. Often higher. You will have had several dozens of these infections while you were a kid.

As I said, if a genuine story, these people really are cold blooded baby killers. We are now in Josef Mengele territory.


Well another day another topic comes full circle.

Here we have no end to the mocking of humanity by the Menace.

This is the Menace flaunting it’s power - We can do this to your children. You have no resistance. We can do what we want to your children. In their schools. In their bodies. In the womb. We are in your minds. We are in your childs mind. This is how you let us in. You do nothing. You sit and watch. Like it is a Movie. You hand them to us. You give us access. HA HA HA Ha ha ha ha… we have taken over your friends and family with our powers and you lap it up because you think your are choosing and informed. You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind… You think you are in control of your mind….

Mengles TV

Video @ source:

Nothing less than the Normalization of experimental genetic trials on all the vulnerable members of our families the old and inform, the children and the babies, live and pre-recorded for all the world to see - The Videodrome has been mainstream all along.


Mengles TV - Operation Homebound.

Operation Homebound. It saddens me to know that, simply sharing factual information is being censored. I have had videos removed from my channel and I am very close to having my channel deleted. Despite following the community guidelines. I am having subscribers removed despite having very little and the view for the video are being adjusted as well. I will continue to share what I can. Please share with others. People need to know. Two words, INFORMED… CONSENT.

p.s. Check out the other video on the channel called, “8 seizures in 2 days”. Thanks for your support.

The video is somewhat disturbing but sure they only need the consent of the parents or guardians, but is it informed?

Video -


Mengles Mengles Mengles… Get Your Babies Mengled in the Mengle Mangle!


Still Killing Children?


Did you know almost 4,000 children have been vaccinated for COVID-19 in the States? And that:
9 died within 28 days (0.2%)?
7 almost died?
3 were permanently disabled?
71 had to see a doctor or were admitted to hospital or had their stay prolonged?
Why isn’t this headline news?


Can’t resolve the linked data anyone have any luck finding it because it’s beyond banana if true.

Posted src link on twitter feed:`


it looks like almost all the data is in VAERS. Not sure of the vaccination rate for children but it should be very low but there are small baby and small children adverse reactions in the database. I found at least 5 deaths. For reference the annual death rate for vacations of small kids for all vaccines is looks to be in the low single digits. But the usual VAERS proviso applies. VAERS only captures maybe 10% max of all adverse reactions. So mainly useful when comparing vaccine against vaccine.


You may have already seen this tweet or similar tweets + images in early February of this year, capturing a tragic tale.

A physician-advocate for the experimental COVID-19 vaccines has tragically miscarried her baby in the second trimester of pregnancy just days after publicly celebrating her reception of the injections.

Dr. Sara Beltrán Ponce, a Milwaukee resident physician in Radiation Oncology, tweeted on January 28 that she was “14 weeks pregnant and fully vaccinated!” She shared that she had received the experimental COVID vaccine “to protect myself, my baby, my family, my patients, and my community! When it’s available to you, I encourage you to do the same.”

Ponce did not specify which of the experimental COVID vaccines she received, but went on to reemphasize several of the media-narrative talking-points with regards to COVID-19 government mandates, including the necessity for masks, social distancing and vaccination.


Early Reports of Miscarriages Feb, 2021

1/ So Europe has its own adverse events reporting system for drugs and vaccines, called EUDRA. It now has data for the Covid vaccines.

Which turns out to be EVEN WORSE than the US data. It now contains 58,000 reports for the @pfizer vaccine alone, including about 730 deaths…

2/ Now some are multiple reports from one person, since the database has 27,000 individual reports (nearly all ages 18-64).

But at least 295 individual deaths have been reported, bc each report is sorted by type of adverse event, and the “general disorders” category has 295…

3/ Maybe 13 million doses have been given in Europe (nearly all first doses), so both death and overall adverse event rates are running far higher than the US.

Of note, there have been EIGHT reports of “spontaneous abortions,” i.e. miscarriages. Six were in healthcare workers…

The miscarriage page photo, as requested

The link to the main @pfizer Covid vaccine EUDRA page…

Unroll src:
Src: Alex Berenson tweets from 3rd Feb


So the first reply goes ok…


The National Maternity Hospital@_TheNMH

#COVID19Vaccination Clinics are in the process of being established for our #pregnant women They will take place in Mass Vaccination Sites; initially in @AVIVAStadium

Phase 1 - If you’re between 30-36 weeks gestation, you’ll receive a text message in coming days Thank you Folded hands


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The National Maternity Hospital @_TheNMH

3h Replying to @_TheNMH

If you are less than 30 weeks pregnant, please bear with us and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can. For further information please visit…

Orla Buckley @OrlaStafford


Replying to @_TheNMH

and @AVIVAStadium

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Replying to @_TheNMH and @AVIVAStadium

How can they possibly know it’s safe for pregnant women when pregnant women haven’t been tested in phase 1 &2 trials? and no long term analysis has been done.

Jojo connolly @connollyjojo


Replying to @_TheNMH and @AVIVAStadium

May God have mercy on all your souls Folded hands

These Vaccines are still in trial until 2023. First do no harm,you have forgotten your Oath & it’s impossible for you to guarantee the safety of both mother & baby in months & years to come. This is on you,administrators of the Vaccine’s.

Kellie @PrideauxKellie

15m Hundred points symbol well said ! And “I was only following orders” doesn’t cut it either.

This is just evil.


35m Replying to @_TheNMH and @AVIVAStadium

There are no words. Oh wait, heres one word: THALIDOMIDE. Heres two more: PRECAUTUONARY PRINCIPLE

Martin T K@mtkeenan99


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Absolutely insane

Rainbow @Rainbowandsteel


Replying to @_TheNMH and @AVIVAStadium

There are no words. God forgive you for the part you are playing. No excuses.

Replying to @_TheNMH and @AVIVAStadium

I am shocked, and saddened.

Samsa @samso7777


Replying to @_TheNMH and @AVIVAStadium

Nuernberger Tribunals 2.0

Many more replies since.




Example of an online anecdote - baby’s heart stopped beating the same day mother got 2nd injection. Delivered stillborn. All under medical supervision and advised as “safe”.


Still in he main broadly horrified replies to the original tweet. Meanwhile, from one of the replies.

NEJM "Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Safety in Pregnant Persons"13.9% of 827 pregnancies ended losing the baby. US rate 2014-2017 was 0.59% (Natl. Vital Stat. Rep. 2020, 69, 1–19). Maxination increases rate by 24-fold! Conclusion: not safe! DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa2104983.


Some interesting replies too.


The Evil is now on your children’s entertainment channel. Be aware and protect.


An example from April of a leading piece but with a headline like that and an opening false dilemma, ya gotta be uber skeptical these days:

Since the pandemic began, pregnant people have faced a difficult choice: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.


Then a few days later Alex Berenson discovered the death of an infant due ot exposure of the breast milk from it’s injected mother.


Concerning concerns unconcerning concerning.

If you were a pregnant woman and expectant mother back on the 5th of March this year (archive dates are different) there was a barage of Friday headline across a number of key media outlets ready to soften you up to submit, preying upon you one of the most vulnerable times in your life:

… but Top Baby Doc Says

UK Dec, 2020

A government advisory committee has advised against pregnant women having the new coronavirus jab because there is not enough data on its safety for that demographic.

WHO says What?

WHO recommends Moderna vaccine not be given to pregnant women

Published: 01.26.21 , 13:39

A World Health Organization (WHO) panel of experts recommended on Tuesday that the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine be given in two doses at an interval of 28 days, which could be extended under exceptional circumstances to 42 days.

The WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization, known as SAGE, advised in a series of recommendations issued after reviewing data that the vaccine not be used on pregnant women unless they are health workers or have conditions putting them at high risk.

On the Flip Side

COVID-19 Vaccine Warnings Women Should Not Get Pregnant for at least 2 months after Vaccination

The government has said that women should avoid becoming pregnant until at least two months after being vaccinated against Covid-19. There has been NO TESTING to determine side-effects on pregnancy, fertility, or lactation. Even more importantly, there is no test to even see if there are side-effects with a medicine you may already be taking. This is totally unacceptable when governments are demanding everyone be immunized or you cannot work or travel. Many religious see this a taking the mark of the beast since they cannot buy or sell without a vaccine.