Coming for the Babies - The Great TABOO Swtich-A-ROO



Half declining.

Means half are taking it.



Still coming for ALL the Children.

Who will protect the children. They’re already killing children in the US and elsewhere. Children led to lethal injection by their parents. No one left to protect you at that point. Life cut short. By your own kin. By your own tribe.

Herd Immunity is a “concept” that no one understands, so they make it up, it’s like the word vaccine, herd immunity, extra level magic power. Here is a tangible - IVERMECTIN


Trickle Down Theatrics

The European Medicines Agency has recommended authorising Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 12 to 17, the first time the shot has been authorised for people under 18.

The EU drug regulator said research in more than 3,700 children aged 12 to 17 showed that the Moderna vaccine — already given the OK for adults across Europe — produced a comparable antibody response.

Don’t kid yourself, they’ve already committed to buying the bazillions of vials, you don’t think the actors are going to suddenly go off script, add some new scenes and subvert outcome of the final act?

Your move NIAC. :whistle:


July 26th 2021 = BIG media led shift today, Target fixed > CHILDREN

Next stage fully activated

Manufacturing of anxiety has begun to manufacture consent to inject all the children so they can return to school.

When asked about vaccines for children, Ms Foley replied that the “expertise” lay with the National Immunisation Advisory Committee (Niac), from which her department would take guidance.

“I have received confirmation that the 16 to 18-year-old cohort should be in a position for online registration in the coming days, and I have been advised that the 15-year-olds cohort, are still being considered by Niac and there has been no definitive timeline given.”

NIAC moves the perps closer and closer to your children.

All humans have been deemed by one side as legitimate targets in this WAR.

Imagine when you find out this is being driven by AI and you killed a child because AI told you to do so.

Might I be right in suggesting you never thought about it like this?

Do you feel like puking?



Terror cells disguised as “experts” targeting the children via media.


“Never for children”

Listen >


Deaths from COVID ‘incredibly rare’ among children

Studies find that overall risk of death or severe disease from COVID-19 is very low in kids.

A comprehensive analysis of hospital admissions and reported deaths across England suggests that COVID-19 carries a lower risk of dying or requiring intensive care among children and young people than was previously thought.

In a series of preprints published on medRxiv13, a team of researchers picked through all hospital admissions and deaths reported for people younger than 18 in England. The studies found that COVID-19 caused 25 deaths in that age group between March 2020 and February 2021.

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Trust Us We Are A Committee

NIAC does the business.

Regime encourages parents to walk their children to a Russian Roulette Centre.

Healthy. Young. Beautiful Innocent Children.

Parents and Grandparents. Distracted with PINTS.

Or are they?


POLL: Mother’s Babies - will you bring them home?


Mexico won’t be ‘hostage’ to Big Pharma, president says, as internet predicts trouble after country rejects Covid jabs for kids

Mexico will not be held hostage by pharmaceutical companies that only want to do business and scare children with the idea that it is necessary to vaccinate against Covid-19.



Every Gov on the planet is now clearly outed as a Puppet Regime of the Menace and if not has recently been replaced it not onside, even the US, though in that instance, it is not a perfect play.

Now as they go for all the children of the world.

What happens next?



June 2021

Now we know 200% increase rate of inflamed heart causing life long damage to more often young mens and boys hearts but not exclusively, via Del Big Tree @ the highwire.


At this stage I’d nearly welcome an alien invasion if they’d promise to stop the jabs.

There was always that weird internet rumour about the greys being time travellers, humans from the future coming back in time to get DNA samples from before something f*cked it up… or am I the only one who heard that one?


The risks are real and documented - Irish Regime told to target your Children

For something that is not a child or hardly young persons disease.