Commercial property sales down 35pc

rushing towards the UK market just in time to catch the top there too! timing is everything.

Today on the way in I noticed a Credit Union for Sale that I think had the sign put up in the last day or so on Manor st

Then I see this on daft

One swallow a summer does not make but that said I am seeing a lot of swallows.

Absolutely staggering find! :open_mouth: I think we’ve achieved a new milestone with that one…

I love the red “100% mortgages available here” stickers at 45 degree angles on the windows.

Welcome to my lair… Please, have a seat…

It’s fucked.

Is an understatement. :open_mouth:

If you look carefully I think you can see that the next-door premises (to the right) is that of disgraced solicitor Thomas Byrne (see page 9 of this weekend’s SBP). I suppose that will be for sale soon also.