commercial property

I believe (in cork anyhows) we have just started on the slippery slope downwards with commercial property.

I drive to work near douglas in the morning and they have really turned up the pace in building, i pressume to get these new units on the market and sold ASAP.

Really, they must be 1*10^6 square feet being built in cork.
Who the hell is going to fill it, i don’t know.

I don’t think you are wrong. We’ve got some thread going back at least a year on this topic alone.

DNG of daftwatch fame kindly included commercial listings upon my request.

See here :

I know for one Dublin Commercial Industrial listings have doubled since the Summer of 07

Interesting fact that has gotten zero attention is that Credit Card balances fell both in January and February. Although that would not explain the scale of a 10-12% fall in footfall in the City centre. How are the suburban centres faring?

There is a new shopping centre in Limerick at Coonagh Cross anchored by Tesco. It has been open since before Christmas and is a dead duck. I only go in there the odd time and there is never more than one or two tills open. Down the road though and Dunnes is flying it.

There are rumours flying around that everybody is pulling out of the new shopping centre (all the smaller units)

The reality is that none of these units are occupied yet despite Tescos being opened 6 months now.

Goodbody comments on commercial property, although mostly with reference to the UK.