Commercial Rates - Section 32

So this came in with the Local Government Reform Act 2014.

So someone who’s already bust can’t even afford to sell their property unless the council agree to write off the outstanding rates.
This is a huge amount of power to hand to a local authority. Power corrupts.

I’m sure I pointed this out some time ago as being the consequence of this legislation or at least it was discussed here as such.

Is it dramatically different from any other outstanding tax, or am I missing something obvious?

I read that as “the next guy who owns the property has to pay the bill” - if that’s the case, won’t that just be reflected in the sale price of the property?

Doesn’t seem altogether unreasonable that it’s hard to get out of paying rates (even if the rates themselves may be considered unreasonable).

Sounds like a great idea. Remember that non-payers drive up rates for the people who do pay. Same with any tax.

Yes but they will receive a lump of money from the sale of the property.

Rates needs a big rethink though. It should be paid by Landlords not occupiers, for a start.
And it should be linked to the value of the property, not some bullshit calculation.