Commercial rents continue to fall - and at a faster pace
Henry Street and Mary Street (above),
where capital values have fallen by over
68 per cent since the beginning of 2008.
Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Stop him! He’s got all the money in those black bags!

Given the relationship between commercial rents and NAMA’s calculation of LTEV, I’m fully confident that the next tranches of loans will feature more stringent haircuts.

Amazing how quick things happen when the decision is made by the head instead of the heart.

Just a question, does anyone know which sector has the largest oversupply - residential or commercial ?

Depends where you look. I’d say commercial is more important in the cities, so let’s look in Dublin. … ?p_id=4644

Not sure anyone in a fit would claim that the Dublin residential vacancy rate (and this is probably quite central Dublin?) is anywhere near 10%, never mind 20%…

Hidden away at the bottom of a piece in today’s Indo, on the Dublin office market; is this crumb of information.

The city with the highest office vacancy rate in the US is Detroit at 26.2pc.

I wonder what Limerick is running at…

I hear Quanqding in China is running at 27%, so we are not the worst

No idea, but I’m sure whatever it is, it’s running as fast as it can ! :stuck_out_tongue: