Commercial values back to 1999 … 78459.html

Meanwhile, much bottom talk

Just when it’s becoming repetitive … 78493.html

Some of them chappies do not seem to think that high yields are a good thing for investors… they keep talking about ‘decline in yields’ or ‘yields bottoming’. As yields are rising (capital values falling faster than rents for the moment), they should be talking about yields topping out… no?

The only one here who understands the real situation is Stephen Vernon. It’s not over… and the elephant coming into the room will be the increase in interest rates as the world economy (NB: not ours) starts to pick up.

Agreed, Vernon is a punter is smarter than the average bear.

Mr. Vernon is also looking to pick up properties on the cheap. Nothing wrong with that, but he is also talking his book. It just happens to be a book that more of us would agree with!

You are entitled to change your mind you know and when you do I will be very understanding 8)