Commercial: Warning signs aplenty but forecast good for 2008

She was only giving out because she could not get to them all in time for Christmas.

The Irish residential property vacancy rate may be high at 15% but tis nuthing compared to the IDA owned commercial units vacany rate of 41% :open_mouth:


but the IDA have reduced the number of properties in their portfolio from 300 to 150…

This sounds like a smart move to me…

Looking at those figures there must be at least one vacant IDA unit in practically every town in the country at that rate.

Yep 12 to 18 months of a time lag and remember that in Japan they witnessed an 80% fall in the value of commercial real estate within a few years!

If the IDA is sitting on 1000 acres of prime undeveloped land on the edges of towns then a survey should be done to see if some of it can be put to better use.

Christ, another bloody Tribunal.