Community Welfare in Galway Paid Emigration Scheme

The community welfare office in Galway City has a special ( discretionary) scheme whereby they are offering claimants a free air ticket and €500 ( paid in cash at the airport) to go back to their home countries instead of furthering their unemployment claims . It may be run ’ officially ’ by a charity on their behalf.

It has been kept *very *quiet since its inception because they are mortally afraid that Irish unemployment claimants will get wind of it and use it to travel to countries where there is work .

Is this for immigrants who’ve been here over two years and express a wish to go ‘home’?
Is it FOI-able, does this charity’s name begin with ‘C’ ?

You do not have to be here two years . I do not have any further details , sorry .

It would be FoIable if you remember that the DSW funds Community Welfare but that The Dept of Health administers it .

You would have to FoI any “outbound paid migration initiatives” run by either department in 2008

I remember the Dept. of SW released statistics last year about the CWOs discretionary payment scheme - a breakdown of how much went to help people with funeral costs, bedding, newborns, energy bills etc.
The reason I mention 2 years is because of the habitual residency condition. I would’nt mind a free airline ticket and some holiday spending money and then to come back again to pursue my unemployment claim!
But if this is ‘scheme’ is pushed through a charity, then how would that information be accessible?

Anyway thanks for the rumour 2Pack :neutral_face:

It’s been going on much longer than two years. Try SW leaflet SW108 (it’s seems Kebabs didn’t know his government was running this scheme when he called Leo Vadakar a Nazi), then again Kebabs is an example of what’s wrong in this country (3 people from the same family in the State payroll and not able to do their job).

Maybe you should FOI the Department of Justice too … ition.aspx

But the impression I get is that the Community Welfare in Galway have widened the scope of the scheme to include those who may qualify under the habitual residence clause .

Then again as many Irish born people are not habitually resident here they would qualify for a re-emigration premium too.

What’s to stop Marek & Olga from availing of this fantastic holiday offer with spending money and then coming back and availing of his jobseekers support entitlements?

You sign a form agreeing not to come back as part of the package .

That is completely unenforceable…for Gods sake the European court recently ruled that several illegal nigerian immigrants .one who married a Pole ,another a UK citizen here were allowed remain in Ireland despite an Irish deportation order against them…and now consequently entitled to full welfare benefits.