Compare 2 at EUR 420,000 … UKLF345938 … =76#Detail

One beside world famous eateries, one beside an infamous eatery.
One in a doomed property market, the other…
One in a welcoming community, the other…

We’ve a long way to fall, in the property market at least!!

I can’t imagine too many foreigners are rushing to buy or rent in Drimnagh right now.

The natives aren’t too fecking keen either, I can tell you! I have family from the area and it was rough before the country got wealth, it’ll be back rough when the country’s poorer.

That lake could be full of crocodiles though.

Lets take a look at another two in the same price range:[cc_id]=c1&s[mnb]=&s[mxb]=&s[mnp]=&s[mxp]=300000&s[pt_id]=&s[house_type]=&s[mna]=&s[mxa]=&s[search_type]=sale&s[transport]=&s[advanced]=&s[price_per_room]=&s[refreshmap]=1&limit=10&id=325460 … =48#Detail

The Drimnagh one…

Holy crap that 1 bed East Wall place is beyond belief! 225k for 269 sq ft!!
Could be a contender on the “Worst Value Property in Ireland” thread.

…and to think we have some pinsters mulling over whether or not we’ll have much more than 20% property price falls :unamused:

Actually I’m not sure about that.

If you’re a parent that looks like having to support kids in College in Dublin that place is pretty handy for DCU, new DIT campus, TCD and is not that hard to get to UCD from. If you get that place for say 200,000 (or less, 175,000) and you are expecting to have to shell out rent of c. 1,000 per year for 4 years for 1 kid,if you’ve 2 or 3 going to college you’ll be using that place for about 8 years or so.

Assuming rents don’t increase or decrease over this period, you’d be well on the way to paying off that mortgage.

And when the full moon rises from the east, the wind blows from the north and jupiter is aligned with the sun.

East wall is miles away from DCU/UCD, dont use that old argument. what a contrived b.s. argument.

Alligators you mean Iguana .

I would sooner a lake of alligators next door than Dublin Skangers.

Good post Carnage. Shows what a joke this country has become. How could one buy when you see this. Unfortunately the fall seems like its going to be very protracted in good locations. May have to rent for 5 years if you want to buy at the bottom.

I read this book when I was a kid and I’ve always mixed up my Florida crocodiles and alligators ever since. :confused:

What utter tripe.

Which makes you think, why are prices so high for so called ‘downmarket areas’ with high crime rates perceived or not?
(on saying that, i have family in a high crime area yet the prices charged are sky high(350k for that elusive 3bed instead of half that due to nature of roughness of area reported in news! :smiley: )

Because just about everybody has a friend of a friend of a friend who bought a place in Notting Hill (or some similar area) 15 years ago. Back then it was a shithole and now it is considered highly desirable. Everyone is trying to find the new property “hotspot.” I remember around 2004 I heard a LOT of talk about Rialto being the new Ranelagh. Mainly from house-hunters renting in Ranelagh with €350-450k budgets.

Justify that comment.

Whatever about your figures, you seem a little geographically confused. You could argue that TCD is accessible from there, but it would pretty inconvenient for DCU or UCD students - especially if they were relying on public transport. And not to disparage the property, but it might not be the safest area for naive kids starting off in college. I could think of plenty of reasonable and more convenient rental locations for all the colleges you listed.

That end of east wall is safe enough. I know someone who used to rent newer townhouse sort of houses at the end of that road (merchants square, I think). The bus service to the area is poor, so a car is almost a necessity.
Merchants Road comes across as very working class/coronation street stylee though - it even has a knicker factory.