Compare Buy to Rent e mail received - your views...

January will be the last chance to claim the maximum 7 years Tax-Relief-at-Source (TRS) on mortgage interest

International financial markets are now pricing in +2.5% in ECB rate hikes over the next 5-years

· First-Time Buyers (FTBs) remain the most likely people to secure external home loan finance

· Dublin monthly rents are no longer falling according to the latest DAFT Q3 Quarterly Survey. Rents will rise in 2011 & 2012 as mortgage loan costs rise – this relationship has always prevailed, despite technical/market conditions!

Just in relation to the first point TRS, can someone elaborate on this… Does this mean TRS on mortgage interest ends in Jan 2018??



The IMF have just come in.
Game Over.

Banks have to source funds at 5.8% add 2% plus for margin, add 2.5% ECB Rate Hike. XX

Was it an EA sent you that?

I assumed it was from Derek Brawn’s new thing:

TRS discussed here from AAM if you are asking about Mortgage tax relief

Derek brawn? Isnt he the bull that turned bear?

I’m not so sure how much rents have actually stabilized but I was speaking to the owner of the letting agency that’s looking after the apartment i’m renting. He said that we’re superb tenants because we always pay on time. He said you’d be shocked at the number of people that are at least 3 months behind on the rent. I’d imagine for decent tenants, prices will remain competitive.