Compartive Price Drops

I’ve been thinking about the price drops forum.

The problem with it is that it only tracks the price drops on induvidaul properties

I think we neeed a comparative price drop forum.

Let me explain No 212 Lovely Heights goes on sale 2006, at say 500k, sells in 2007 at 425k. The price drop is recorded at 75/500 or 15%. Then No 213 Lovely Heights (a compartive property) comes up for sale at 400k, and sells at 390k, a drop of only 2.5%, but from the peak its compartivly droped much more,( 110/500 or 22%.)

I’ve seen stuff sell reported at a 15% drop, when from peak (May 2006) to now it/s more like 60%.

Anyway what do the rocket scientists on this bord reckon?

Prices are rising :smiling_imp:

Falling or Rising, it the same problem

In any event can you pm the number of your supplier?

Off the head, you are!

I thought you were leaving onlyone? To pursue poetry wasn’t it?

On the price drop forums, users have posted links to other drops for information purposes.

Also, some users post drop threads for areas. In general I look for at least one drop. Otherwise I move it to the sell buy or rent board.

Yes and to take Berts advice, Still working on the project. Things take a lot of time in Ireland.