Compo culture on steroids … boardwalk/

I am speechless. What kind of country is this. Some of the judiciary live in cloud cookoo land. This will have major recursions if it sticks.

Hope it goes to the high court and this lady gets landed with the costs…

Farmers won’t want people traipsing across their land for sure ignoring the impact on national parks


But the real issue here are our out-of-control judges, who, in the absence of any proper laws from our politicians (who are too terrified to clamp down on this area in case they come across as “hard”), treat the state as a cookie-jar.

I hope this woman uses her award to go back to Everest and disappears down a crevasse
(good look trying to pull the same trick on the Nepalese).

I was looking at the civil lists last week in a particular circuit court. The same surnames were seen again and again and again. the same surnames that you can’t public voice prejudices towards cause it t’would illegal.
The surnames were in plantiff field, not the defendent field.
There’s money to be made.
The same scum unpleasant solicitor who owns a lot of derelict property in a local town was representing most of them.

She will sue you for the suggestion!

This award is a disgrace, the state should sue her for the ensuing obesity as access to the countryside is restricted after this. This award sets a very bad precedent.

I had dinner with someone who as they say “is familiar with the case”. There was a rotten hole in the sleeper (fairly normal) and apparently she got her toe into it which caused the fall. The person familiar with the matter found it difficult to believe that the accident happened in the way described neither did they believe she ran 1/2 marathons weekly.

Very very bad precedent. Its just wrong. people like this should be voluntarily confined to a padded cell and allowed to eat soft food only under supervision least they choke on it.

Shit happens, get over it FFS!

Another sign of a country out of control to losers.

Unlikely it was to make it safer, as opposed to reducing erosion. Particular paths get more footfall than others. In recent years they’ve stuck these walkways around hilltop cairns and trig points like the Fairy Castle on Two Rock and viewing points like the top of the Wicklow Gap. The JB Malone marker stone on the Wicklow Way where this accident happened is a well known landmark for walkers, on the way down to Lough Tay from White Hill/Djouce. The irony is that you could take a tumble anywhere along the route, and people break ankles etc. up there on a semi-regular basis, but do it on an artificial stretch which is probably smoother than the rest of it, and the taxpayer pays.


You will always have people like this lady, I don’t think you can ever stop such claims originating – the failing is with our judges; this award is obscene.

The walkway in Glendalough is very helpful yet if you’re up there early enough parts of it can be frozen/icy and so you have to watch your step, using common sense and your adult brain…the long term outlook here is we end up shutting these public amenities as they end up costing too much in payouts to blood-sucking leeches who lack any sense of personal responsibility XX

Are these similar to the sleepers you walk on up in Glendalough?

Djouce is a cracking walk - as is Crone just a mile or two away. Haven’t been there in years now.

I suspect she is claiming there that she goes for a 13 mile run by herself weekly. If she entered half marathon events that often, she should be able to produce proof of registration.

I don’t think she should have a case even if she was in the Olympics. She’s no hillwalkder either as far as I am concerned as a real hillwalker would not sue. She was up the mountains and as someone said shit happens, there’s inherent risk involved in that type of activity, stay at home if you are not prepared to have a fall.

Can’t remember if mountain rescue or anyone else was involved in helping her down off the hills, if so they should have left her there.

This lady has peed off a lot of people with her action. Don’t see any good karma coming to her as a result.

Coilte will be rethinking their plans for mtb and having foresta as recreational areas, the repercussions are almost boundless. If I was a landowner I’d be thinking insurance,

There are grants I believe for farmers to maintain walkways across their land etc, what happens if someone slips on a stile

From general venting i.e. feedback from my insurance broker recently, gave me more than an impression the over last couple of years things have gotten worse, “they’d seen it all” was there general view and had lost any faith or trust in dealing with people. It was a noticeable change in their humour having dealt with them for many years.

Let’s hope State Claims appeals it. What an absolute idiot.

Fuck the state.

I am sick of the renovations that the state does in scenic locations. Metal bolards, signs, walls, seats, wooden footpaths and fences. EVerything with a 5 /7 year life in this climate.


i frequent a beach and it is littered by rusted signs, shite coastal defences, broken parking meters and just crap everywhere.

And everything costing a fortune.
Please use natural, durable materials.

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No. It’s to minimise erosion. It’s a serious problem in popular walking spots.

Devils Ladder route on Carrauntoohill is pretty much destroyed from the amount of traffic on it in recent years.

Bray-Greystones cliff walk is going to be blocked with barbed wire pronto.

So overall it will be a net gain for the environment. The more restrictions and the lower the number of hill walkers the better. She’s an environmental hero really. Its the best €40k that will ever be spent on the environment !

Can someone honestly say after a 30km walk that they weren’t fatigued and not paying attention?

Come to think of it. I fell as a kid. My mother owes me €28k :slight_smile:

€40k for 7 stitches? Most insurance policies insist on losing a limb for that kind of money! Come to think of it, I stood on a piece of thick wire when I was a teenager & needed stitches but just got on with it & I also had my tooth knocked out in school PE playing hockey (no safety gear supplied). I also got attacked by someone’s dog once. I got hit by a car when cycling on two separate occasions (with witnesses- not my fault). I could be so rich!

30km on open terrain in Wicklow is a lot in a day for anyone in their late 50s. She would have been inevitably fatigued at the point the fall took place.

It’s a sad day, but I don’t think much will change. A lot of outdoor activities only exist on the tacit understanding that participants will not take advantage of Ireland’s absurd compensation laws when injured.

I have seen threads in several forums where she has received personal abuse. I don’t like this but at the same time it’s reflective of the peer pressure that everyone else will feel not to sue in these kind of circumstances.

40k for 7 stitches, for a facility that she did not have to pay one cent for (unlike her trips to Everest).
She deserves all the abuse she gets and her cynical abuse of a stupid system.
She should be forced to walk the entire route in a Barney costume every day for the rest of her life in penance.
And her ambulance chasing solicitor, and our over-pensioned fool of a judge, should be forced to follow her.