Compost bin possible if no grass in garden?

Looking to get a compost bin but front and back gardens are slabs/ concrete so no grass for worms, etc in the base.

Is it still possible to compost or will it just fill a lot quicker?

Can you lift a slab so base of composter can have contact with ground? Obviously remove any sand and cement below to expose actual soil. Probably best to break up soil a bit but it should hopefully be easy to do. You could always mix a small bit of concrete and fill in around the composter base to get a tidy finish. Maybe use some heavy plastic between composter and the setting concrete so you can get it back out easily after the concrete sets.

I thought you’d just populate it with worms?


If its goes directly onto the slabs you might get some liquid seeping out and staining your slabs

Id either remove a few slabs or have it on a raised soil bed
Dont bother with buying worms just dig up a few spades full form a grassed area and lob it in

Thanks for the suggestions/

If I put grassy soil from elsewhere I guess that would soak up the liquids and bring some worms along too.

I’ll look into raising a slab too

Worms are not necessary for composting as bacteria will do the job. A good source of useful bacteria for the job is to chuck in the odd bit of soil or muck into the bin as you add material, and to never fully empty the composter from one year to another. So not just soil at the bottom of the bin.

Good idea to raise a slab as a strong liquid run-off will leak from the bottom, the stuff that causes pollution in water courses when it gets in from large silage pits.

should be possible with an initial inoculation of soil
all you need really is oxygen, moisture and a bacterial population and nature should take its course
impact of leakages, etc. are more about aesthetics and odour - once the moisture content is sufficient to maintain the composting process

Avoid eggshells, cooked food, raw meat, as these will attract vermin and they’ll eat their way through your composter to get at them!