Confident in Cape Verde … 21670.html

I wonder is this guy related to John McGuire of the I’m an Adult fame.

Wow, he got the entrepreneurial hat-trick in there… Speculative property development, sub prime lending, and getting into the airline business all at once. Timing.

He’s funny.

Check out his website

I think we may have found Ireland’s Swiss Toni.

“Flash” Developments?!

I thought you were taking the piss :laughing: :laughing:

I love his grammar:

My two rules of investing are, the first rule is never lose money, the second rule is never forget the first rule.

Well at least if he fails he can go back to being in a Spandau Ballet tribute band.

“Having been involved in the Irish Construction industry since 1988, Flash Group Developments has grown significantly, and now plays a key role in the development of many of the most prestigious developments in Ireland.”

Flash Developments limited - Registered in 20/08/07
Finger on the Pulse Ciaran.

Devilsbit quoted

“To date, two Boeing 747´s have been acquired which will have direct flights from Dubln, Manchester and **London City Airport **to Boa Vista Cape Verde”

I definitely want to see this… maybe he can walk on water too…

Yeah Jetmagic had great fun getting authorization to fly their little turboprops into London City
But I’m sure Ciaran’s great negotiating skills will do the business again

Don’t you know the canary wharf traders will need weekend trips to CV direct from the office to escape from the credit crunch

Lads look at his website I thought I had seen it all Ciaran what a legend

Ahhh bless 'im - he even has a testimonial from his Daddy.

I cant read stuff like that, because of a thing called bile reflux. :laughing:

He is only a director of one Irish company, Flash Developments, which has never filed any accounts.

Offers 104% return over 30 months?

This is all a joke right?

The website makes extensive use of Macromedia Flash.

104% return over 30 months guaranteed :laughing:

Warning: there’s no skip intro button on the site!

It must be a spoof, involved in the Dundrum Town Shopping Centre, blah, blah, blah. The Ciaran McGuire Group doesnt exist. I bet he can cut hair though.

Apperently he was the body guard in Dancing on Dangerous Ground.

This has to be some sort of viral marketing. World’s first Giraffe only zoo anyone?

This is definitely a pisstake, wonder what its really advertising, clever stuff though.

Whatever it is, the Herald has it. … 90839.html

I had to have another peak at the website. It’s a good laugh.

It must be a pisstake, though there’s a sneaking suspicion that it’s genuine.

The Airline section really is gas. I’d love to see them try land a 747 at London City Airport