Confident in Cape Verde


Haw haw this is fantastic. Its amazing how easy it is to change locations, number of stars, add marinas, golf courses etc when its all a FANTASY!

Where is that guy who claimed to have pics of the constuction work underway? Can we see them please?


This resort featured in the Sunday Times “Wish you were Here” advertorial section. Article on the opposite page was about people buying abroad, not doing their research and getting screwed. Both sections were written by Siobhan maguire (coincidental name presumably).


Thanks to Google translate I have emailed the Cape Verde government to enquire about the land that Flash Developments claim to be purchasing from them. Will post the reply, assuming I get one.


Is it just me, or has Ms Marcele Bernandes (see the executive staff page) just been promoted to the position of ‘‘senior architect’’?


I can’t recall her having a more junior position, however she may have been replaced by now! :laughing:



I have just got a reply from the contact given to me when I enquired through the Cape Verde Government website, not happy reading for anyone who has invested in Palm View resort:


Great journalism there, BG!

Makes this strange story even more amusing! I just hope that nobody has lost their money on this.

The scam alert for me was a line somewhere (in this thread? on another site?) that the Maguire executive team were ‘head-hunted from around the world’ and then it lists three executives, all named Maguire!

EDIT: Having read thru the whole thread again (what entertainment!), I found the reference to the exec. team (posted by theschmuck.):



I afraid quite a few people have already placed deposits and in some cases have signed contracts to purchase in Palm View resort.

A number of people have posted on the boa vista experience forum that they having been trying to get their “refundable” deposits back, so far without success!


This story gets stranger and stranger :open_mouth:


TV3 also ran a competition in cooperation with this.


Here are the details …you could buy a property for as little as €10,000 euro with nothing further to pay until 2020

Now if that does not set alarm bells ringing.


Time for someone to draft a complaint to the Consumer Protection Agency, seems like there is sufficient info. here to put one otgether. Would be interesting to know how the competition winners are getting along with their prizes, i.e. are they going ahead or did they offer something else.


Any announcements on this?


Damn, jabaar beat me to it!


Great thread, guys. Baffling, but I’m still not convinced it’s a scam. I mean - it seems that these are real people, with an address in Dublin, their pics are plastered all over the place, young Ciaran seems to have the whole family involved - what were they going to do when the scam was discovered? Disappear en masse to somewhere with no extradition treaty? How many deposits would they need to be able to pull that off? And would any ageing parents really go along with it? And, as many have pointed out, these are very small units for a six, sorry, seven star resort. Why not tell a more convincing lie, if you’re going to the bother of lying at all? And why not hire an editor, along with the flash designers, come to think of it?

On the other hand, if it’s not a scam, I don’t know what it is. I don’t think any reputable PR agency would take a stunt this far. Could Ciaran have been scammed himself? If he’s this thick, maybe he’s the frontman for the real scammer?

Edit: Boy, would I love to win one of those prizes :smiley:


Raise it with the Broadcasting Complaints Commission as well

Since both RTE 1 *Late Late and TV3 *Exposé promoted this, then the complaint form is here, fill it in and email to

The BCI General Advertising Code … 20Code.pdf [adobe acrobat required]


Thanks Green Bear, but I was thinking more along the lines of a complaint to the Garda Fraud Squad myself :wink:


The Gardaí will only deal with it if a crime or alleged crime has been committed, otherwise it’s caveat emptor.


Just because his family seem to be involved doesnt mean its not a scam, they may not know exactly what he is doing… He wouldnt be the first person to involve family members in something like this. In fact the absence of anyone on his board with any background in anything resembling a development like this makes it even more suspicious.

If its not a scam then maybe Ciaran is just chancing his arm hoping if you sell it first they will build it later!! A Hail Mary deal if it works he’s rich if not he’s fucked.

I think Ciaran has bitten off far more than he can chew here, this recession is only going to get worse, how the hell he thinks ANY bank in the world COULD, let alone would finance something like this in this market is beyond me.

I’m all for entrepreneurs and Irish business people doing well and am usually slow to judge, but having seen the absolute bullshit on his website and and the self obsessed drivel that he has written about himself to aggrandise his persona and reputation I will have no sympathy for him when this goes tits up.
This guy makes Donald Trump look like he has an inferiority complex.
This whole deal can only end one way… everyone losing their deposits and suddenly realising theres nobody to sue to get it back.

If this ever actually happens like he says it will, i’ll eat my laptop!!