This is small beer, we need a new thread explaining how the fu.k 5 billion into AIB and BOi is now 10bn, their market caps are smaller that before christmas yet still only 25% stake, why not buy them outright on the open market! and still no board members have changed!!! Am I missing something but the whole country has gone quiet on this?

You have a point. The Anglo Irish Bank case is a nice little media shitefest (not defending what Fitzpatrick did, mind.)

Always look where they don’t want you to look.

Good One.

The biggest swindle of all time is being pulled on us right now.
Effectively the FF fukrs are organizing to give themselves and their developer buddies our money.
The numbers are rediculous.

While at the same time in crisis negotians at Gubberment Buildings about how to save 2 Billion, they are effectively going to write of 10Billion with the banks.

I work in a Public Service position.
Most of the people I work with generally seem unfazed by this whole mess.
I really don’t think they care.
Most people in Ireland don’t seem to care.

You know that might be a good thing, a good time for a revolution to get going and kick them out.
For sure, you know, the people don’t care anyway.
Do they?