Consent forms for the experimental Injection Trial - Did you get your copy yet?

Are the HSE giving anyone who makes an appointment to become a test subject in the experimental mRNA trials in advanced, so they can inform their legal consent as a participant in the mass genetic experiment?

The obvious thing to do from an operational angle would be to send copies to every household as an advanced prophylaxis, bit like a referendum - before the experiment began, giving people plenty of time to inform themselves before they give or revoke their consent.

Did anyone get their copy yet?

Did anyone find the paperwork? :man_shrugging:t2:

Just this - COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Health Professionals -

HSE COVID 19 Vaccination Checklist
Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Vaccine use only! -Checklist to support you answering Covid-19 eligibility questions

Interesting the yes/no question for allergic reaction to polyethylene glycol is what causes the Anaphylactic reaction in some people with certain blood types when this lipid enters the system.

This has been a very well known problem for decades and all vaccines that go through the normal approval process timeline (4 to 6 years) after often refused final approval because additives like PEG were needed for superior efficacy of the vaccines but the adverse reaction rate was too high. What I have noticed looking through the VAERS case records is not so much that younger people mostly die from anaphylactic reaction but that so many of the “milder” adverse reactions needed the use of an epipen. Without an epipen immediately to hand the severe / death rate adverse reaction for younger people could be 10 times higher.

So at least in the US a lot (many thousands) of vaccines adverse reaction cases get one of these jabbed in them soon afterwards to stop them ending up in ER or the morgue.

None of this happens with the flu shot or a 10 year tetanus booster shot.

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UK Whistler blower

Does anyone know if the PIL the nurse keeps referring to is an acronym for Production Information Leaflet?

Its these…

The ones for the COVID shots do not follow the standard format because it does not have any form of regulatory approval. The forms given to people who take part in clinical trails, which is what this is, are very different.

Examples of what she was referring to are here

Absolutely no substantive information. No mention of it being a trial jab.

I’m lost so.

I says here approved by MHRA:

UK medicines regulator gives approval for first UK COVID-19 vaccine

Probably a Patient Information Leaflet.

And these are only still only available under a conditional marketing authorisation. One of the sections in the appropriate legislation states that patients must be informed that what they are being given is still under CMA.

Page 2, (10)

And no, I don’t think the HSE make that clear in ours (have only seen one screenshot though)

The timeline for new vaccine approval is about 4 to 6 years. Especially for a type that has never had regulatory approval anywhere in the past. Most of that time is Phase III / IV trials which collect accurate data regarding actual efficacy and side effect. It takes a few years of sampling to get reliable data for both.

The UK changed the law…

so the the regulating agency MHRA could set aside all normal rules and give the COVID a "rolling review" which is normally only given to minor variation on existing or very well studied existing products.

So none of the COVID vaccines went through the full regulatory process for approval of all the other vaccines you have got in the past. All previous SARS/MERS vaccine candidates failed early in the process. As did all mRNA vaccines.

So just assume everyone getting the jab is part of a huge de-facto Phase II clinical trial. Which is what it is.

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