Conservatory Sales man … 02762.html

Is is just me or is there something very 'un-statesman like" about Enda

I mean just look at the picture, looks like he’s selling a conservatory.

Talk about tax cuts. How can they be afforded if there is a budget deficit…

I think he just looks like a twat (as usual).

Bear in mind that the Indo have a definite anti-FG/Labour agenda so they’ll publish pictures that make Edna look like a twat, not that they really need to look very hard for such pictures.

IT used to do the same with Bertie back in the day.

What’s with the caption to that photo? No relevance to the story, or anything else for that matter:

A bit like the Indo

You have got to be joking. The Indo could not be more pro- FG.

Let’s be fair and ask his supporters.