Conspiracy theory -humour me- about NAMA

Could it be that some elements in FF have realised that NAMA is a mistake?
Realising that any party responsible for huge devaluations in property prices and increased taxation will be out of power for a generation, have they scuppered their own plans?

It just seems remarkably convenient that a foreign bank (Not us! We tried to fix things!) has waded in to the courts now, when it could obviously result in ‘real’ (M2M) valuations far below those hinted at by NAMA.

Is this nonsense or does it have some merit; that is, the ACC thing is a delibrate act to scupper NAMA, remove the blame from FF and save the taxpayer?

Who actually wants NAMA apart from the banks?

Dreaded Estate wrote: Who actually wants NAMA apart from the banks?

The way I see it the FF Cabinet friends, the tent crowd, the over paid civil servants, the lots of talk do nothing crowd, the overstretched developers as well as the banks all want NAMA.

I was giving out about NAMA at work, the sane ones with a brain and backbone generally agreed with me. The MUFFY’s (Mortgaged up for forty years) were silent. I also criticised the Supreme courrt for helping Liam Carroll’s company avoid the reciever for a week.

I’m surprised one of the property brigade didn’t accuse me of jealousy.

Gedoudahere! I’ve been accosting my middle class software engineer 30-something colleagues about this NAMA business of late. Incredibly, most appear delighted with NAMA, in particular, and key, the devaluations they are knocking about. These are absolutely key voter-bait, so long as they remain somewhere below what people fear their…investments…have depreciated by.

Anyway - the reactions of homeowners - it’s like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” around here. We’ve gone from unreal to surreal.

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Don’t buy it - I don’t even believe most of the FF party have given a second thought to NAMA tbh.

Nothing convenient about a foreign owned back with a tripple A rating to protect over who the government have no leverage wanting to cut their losses and protect their own ass.

I dont believe most of these idiots understand it, period.

Does Lenihan come under this particular ‘idiot’ catagory ?

Hilarious :smiley: :smiley:

This would require a modicum of understanding of NAMA by FF TD’s.

As the average FF muck savage has the intellectual capacity of a lobotomised flea your premise is not credible.

For those of us not in a position to make it to the lifeboats it’s more a case of:


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Does it really matter where you live if you talk code?

On topic, FF party members are too blinkered to see whats going on, and TDs are not used to having to think things out for themselves. There might be rumblings of discontent by a few that are concerned for their own political self preservation, but I’d imagine the vast majority will not rock the boat. Cowen is probably safe as Taoiseach for the foreseeable future too as there are no real leaders in the party… just a herd of teachers, barristers, gombeen men and their family members.

i.e. basically:
1/Everyone who can moves abroad.
2/People who do not (or cannot) are sunk.
3/The last code was slagging off Fianna Fáil, plus slagging off people who can get jobs abroad.

But enough of being cryptic - I suppose Fianna Fáil have the power to try NAMA so they have gone for it, seems like you wield power or lose it. You cannot blame them for lacking ambition…

I also suspect there is more to ACCs actions that simply commercial logic, but I differ as to the source of that. Might not the powers that be in Euroland be more than happy to see ACC pursue its strategy so that we get a clearer picture of the market price ?

It seems clear that they have given the nod to support NAMA (pre Lisbon :angry: ) but maybe on closer examination they realised that Zanu-FF and the Irish banks are going to try to take the complete piss unless something can stop them. :open_mouth:

The Irish and UK govs have held talks to keep their bankers in check- might the mainland Europeans be having a quiet word with Rabo the other way ? I for one won’t be opposing that …

Anti-Nama Messages for the Masses :slight_smile:

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