Constant unwanted 'advice'

I’m sure this sort of thing has been discussed before but here goes anyway.Over the last number of years I have been constantly peppered with advice from family and friends to buy. I have politely listened and de-constructed their advice and eventually it went away. Or so I thought. Now, after first telling me I was right to hold off, they are now telling me ‘now is a great time to buy’! I am truly flabbergasted by these people’s willingness to get me in serious debt. I have never asked for their advice and to be honest do not value their advice. I keep telling them that property has a long way to fall yet but it doesn’t seem to work. They all keep saying that eventually, in the long run it will rebound.
Has anyone got any other suggestions on how to shut these people up forever. Bear in mind if I had followed their advice I would be in negative equity right now! :smiling_imp: :imp:

“The bank won’t give me the money”

simple response.

But that suggests that I want the bank’s money. I don’t. Not yet anyway :slight_smile:

Well obviously it will rebound. But I am buying when it’s closer to rebounding if you don’t mind. I’ll wait a bit.

I decided to try that recently.
Last week actually.
Damn bank offered me 5.5 times my income for 92% mortgage.
I even told them I wouldn’t be renting out any rooms.


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5.5 times income is still a pretty high multiple for the floor. What was the term? Just 20 years, or closer to 35?

Good point. Got 2 offers.
5.5 times income over 40 years.
5 times income over 25 years.

The 40 years mortgages are ludicrous.
Minute difference in actual monthly repayments.

Back to the original post, I find myself using the reply “W T F do I want a house for?” Then walk away.

Yeah, if you were going to miss a boat then surely you should be looking for a boat.

I get the “you did well waiting,you’ll get a grand gaff now”. “no no says i ,give it another 12 months” to which i get the “oh shit” silence.

:smiley: I get exactly that too! :smiley: I just wish they would drop it though.

tell them you’ve bought a caravan and consider it a movable asset. see you at ballinasloe.

tell them you were looking for proper mortgage terms with an interest rate fixed for 15 years but could not find anything also tell them you suspect the interest rates to rise significantly becuase of the rising oil price and because some banks offer 8% interest for your savings accounts :laughing: I really do hope for all the young people with their current mortgages interest rates won`t rise for a while but it just does not look like that

and s.o. should hold the bankers accountable for selling 40 year mortgages with a tracker this is like having litte children play with grenades :imp:

Ivor you’re not by any chance living with these family members are you?
If so they may be less interested in your wellbeing and more concerned with getting you out the door.

Assuming you’re renting your own place then tell them you already own 4 investment properties thet you bought after winning the lotto, and the other 90% of your net worth is tied up in equities and gold. Tell them you prefer to rent the place you live because it gives you the freedom to move around and live in the most tax efficient country at any given time.

That’ll shut them up.

BTW, I love the irony of asking a bunch of strangers for advice on how to stop your family giving advice. Now you know why parents tell kids not to talk to strangers. They don’t want them usurping their influence.


There’s a certain comfort to be drawn from strangers. I am renting alright, I have a family member trying to flog her house for the last year.She hasn’t a hope!Yet she feels free to advise me! Oh, the ironing! :unamused: :smiley:

Misery loves company.


Have a sweet…

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