Construction Projects on Hold

A little new info on a large (biggest ever commercial project in city) in Galway that was rumored to have collapsed back in September. The news is not good on the project it seems, a meeting was held on site yesterday and all work is to be abandoned. The gates are to be closed for at least one year to allow the market to improve. It looks as if the whole thing is going to turn out to be the biggest hole in the ground ever in Glaway city along with hurting the developers pockets.

Is that the development next to Bar Cuba?

Or the one where the old Crown paint factory was?? Off the Tuam road??

There’s no way the market is going to improve in 1 year - the gates will be locked for a long time methinks.

The question that always springs to mind when I hear this market improve line is what exactly is going to improve the market - what do they think this is - some kind of accidental blip ??? Why will the market improve in a year … ???

Oh wait I’ve got it … there’ll be a price improvement … !! There’ll need to be :unamused:

It wasn’t paints they used to make there it was trucks for factories and warehousing but without naming the site you will notice I have replied to your post!!

No its very unlikely the market will magically improve in the next 12 months and if anything signs are 2009 will be more difficult than 08. Its unfortunate as the development looked good on paper and would have been a big boost to that part of town. the timing was all wrong though.

Never mind that, will the Arnott’s proposal in Dublin City centre go ahead given the drastic downturn in the economy or what about the major developments that got the go ahead recently in Waterford.

Whats happening in Galway is/will no doubt be replicated elsewhere.

Planning notice. … 607,en.pdf

Heard through the grapevine that the Thornthon Hall super prison has been put on hold for 2 years.Some of the architectural/services design team that i know have been let go.

This has very big implications for the developer class in the city of the tribes. They are all interlinked and involved in many other projects. Those other projects will now come under more pressure as the projected revenue from the development in question will be pushed out. A house of cards…

It’s all a house of cards, same applies to Dublin.

I appreciate you’re not trying to give too much detail away,
but spelling Galway correctly isn’t exactly going to give too much away! :nin

I know!! :wink:


There were rumours doing the rounds in september that the Crown Square project in Galway was closing down . At the time it was a large hole with a bit of concrete in it and scheduled for a 2010 completion date . … 10-opening

It is currently a large hole but with a bit more concrete in it .

I would add that the other sizeable retail/bulky projects in Galway are the redevelopment of the Headford Road shopping centre to which I say Ho! Ho! Ho! and the next phase of the Knocknacarra site where Dunnes is . The latter is in planning and the existing buildings have now largely filled with clothing retailers taking the last few units since the summer .

The west of the city needed a shopping centre anyway but I do not care to speculate as to whether it needs a larger one than the one that is now there (and with a large hole beside it :slight_smile: )

What’s the story with that other large hole with some concrete in it on Prospect Hill?

It’s been a large hole for what, nearly 2 years now. Well, last time I was in Galway anyway, about 2 months ago, it didn’t seem to have moved forward much since I left in October 07!

It’s still going ahead, structure in place now.

It is not a megaproject by Galway standards and even a half built hulk looks better than the burnt out and derelict slum that was there for most of the past 10 years since Lydons bakery and the American Hotel all closed .

It is across the road from the County Council HQ and will seemingly (at the very least) be clad and weatherproofed very shortly . I heard the court service was looking at it as they are ‘expanding’

Has anybody heard anything official about that site between O’Connell Street and Moore street? The one that was going to have “the Park in the Sky”.

The develper behind the hole in Eyre Sq. is also heavily involved in Mervue and I believe like everybody else cash is a big problem for him right now

Apologies on the Galway spelling mistake, I have fixed that one!!!