Construction/refurb forum

As a lot of pinsters appear to have bitten the bullet I notice more and more threads on construction topics, appearing in Sell Buy and Rent and Property Accident and Emergency. What about a forum or sub-forum for this?
(Going through the process at the minute and some of the threads here are really useful.)



I think it’s a good idea. It might just be duplicating discussion that happens on Boards, AAM, Archiseek, PassiveHousePlus etc. but if the threads are happening anyway they may as well be lumped together in their own forum.

Thanks dude, I’ll scratch you off the death list*. Plenty of good contributors here, particularly architects, engineers and some people with obvious planning experience. Hopefully the powers that be will see some merit in the proposal, and hopefully it can be done without putting any strain on the moderators.


Cannot say I refer much to Boards; but from the little I’ve seen it seems to harbour a lot of innocents and ‘hope over experience’ types when it comes to building queries and observations. Maybe they have to serve an apprenticeship there before joining the big boys and girls on the Pin!
Archiseek is a bit too capital ‘A’ architectural for general consumption at times (I found - apologies to all I offend) and PassiveHouse often a tad overzealous for general use!
Not much joke-cracking on them last two either - serious folk on serious biz!

Yes I’d be very interested in the following:

Ground source heat pumps
Rainwater Recovery Systems
Insulating Old Houses
Wood Burning Stoves
Water heating systems


+1 on that and on the sub-forum

Especially like the higher level of discussion and language here.