Consultation of Local Communities

The ad nasueum line that there should be a consultation of local communities is a massive and scurrilous strawman argument being perpetrated against the Irish people.

Where you consulted or did you even notice in 2015 when Alan Kelly brought in the planning amendments, where the Government gave itself a planning veto and free pass to turn overnight any commercial property, hotel, B&B, hostel etc. into a plantation hub?


So the straw man “consultation of local communities” is just to fill the airwaves with spurious go nowhere jibber jabber and apply some of the old magical divide and conquer pressure.

The NGO’s are then free to goad the native Irish without having to worry about an election, they can say the outrageous things politicians can’t get away with, but they are essentially political entities because they are funded by the Regime, to the tune of billions, 5-7 billion, another figure 13 Billion - the vast Goombeen industrial complex that Irish people fund heralding their now downfall.

Happening every village, town and county = National Issue
Honoring “Treaties” = National Issue

The Regime are rubbish at reality, and they only have the media to hide their corruption and rank treason, and they’ve been at it for decades

Bottom line: A national issue, an issue for the Irish nation.

Extra note: Make out for what it is, classic divide and conquer tactics. They applied it in spades with the injections. Don’t let them away with again. Call them out on their spurious lies and deceitful practices.