Contacts for those in personal distress

If you or someone close too you is under severe financial pressure here are some resources that can help you cope.

In view of an increasing number of tragedies related to financial issues we should all look to pay a little more attention to our own mental health and that of others.

Suicide is a huge problem in Ireland and the current economic woes are exacerbating it. If you are reading this and feeling suicidal,or know someone who appears depressed or suicidal don’t ignore it.

While using this the site be aware that many are passionate and vitriolic about issues and that shouldn’t change but it is at the end of the day just a website so it’s important to have perspective.

There is help out there.

So please, please use it.

Talk to friends or use services.

The consequences of suicide for families, loved ones and friends are devastating. At the end of the day your mental health is more important than wealth and there are ways of coping.

Here’s some resources:

Financial -

Mental Health -