Control of the internet


We are all agreed that never have people been able to access information, share ideas and build inter-connected ommunities from across the globe as we can now. People in most countries are able to share their opinions on anything and are allowed to get away with it, no matter how detrimental they might be to their own government… and to their own people.

Now, I’m just like you… I like the freedom to go to the store to buy cheese, to pick up Der Bild for under a Reichsmark and talk about the issues of the day with anyone whom I might come into contact with.

… But as much as I like that freedom, I have a far greater hatred for the enemy. I would lay down my freedoms in the name of my country if it means protecting my people and my government from the evil and twisted dark forces that are always trying to tear down our wonderful nation from the outside… and in.

As old war posters used to say “loose lips sink ships”. Indeed, one never know who’s listening in.

What I’ve just described to you pertains to the outside world where one goes about their own business or pleasure. However, my more specific point to this thread is how one conducts themselves online in the same manner and how a strong central government should have the authority to surveil its own citizens through a powerful CCTV network “outside” and perhaps an even greater presence “inside” the world wide web.

Make no mistake, the internet is a wonderful tool to be harnessed for the betterment of the state, but it can also be the single most destructive tool in the arsenal of agent provocateurs who operate in such names as international finance and freedom of the press.

My solution is to severely restrict the amount of information the central government provides to its citizens, and perhaps even more importantly, to install draconian measures to ensure the restriction of damaging information certain enemies of the state (masquerading as citizens) wish to spread.

The internet of Information Overload is yesterday, my people! The INTRANET of Information OverLord is tomorrow!

With your help, we can lay down our personal freedoms which are being abused by too many to the detriment of OUR very own well being, and give them to our strong central government who can protect us from those whom we cannot ourselves!


I was chatting to a VOIP (voice over IP) engineer a while ago and he was telling me that every so often colleagues of his who he has known for years, some for decades, just disappear from the scene, no more list activity, no word on a new job, social stuff, emails, calls etc. His suspicion, which i took to be a conviction he knew to be true, was that they went to work for uncle Sam and basically went underground. The cover-up of the AT&T story in 2002 (NSA taking everything that the carriers were carrying) would seem to confirm that there is an enormous program to lift all communications within the USA (and outside it probably). In the wake of the Boston bombings it seems there is more confirmation that the state here is taking recordings of all phone calls in the USA. There has been reference to calls between the older brother and his mother that the FBI have access to without a wire tap. Not voice mail, but the actual phone calls.

Here’s a former fed on CNN admitting as much

Gelnn Greenwald has written about it … fbi-boston

Suffice to say that what you are describing has probably been the situation since 9/11, total information awareness, etc.


Reminds me of this:
The premise for that one was the ‘brain drain’ from Britain in the 1970s was sending people to the moon to prepare for Mars colonisation.


All very “Project Echelon” if you ask me … but if individuals are going to put all their information on/across one medium then those that want to pry, will.

Blue Horseshoe


In the name of State Security, what would you all be willing to give up?


Neither do I but I think anyone who thinks that all electronic communications/devices are not routinely monitored is pretty naive.
Thats sorta the point of them.

The algorithims in use to filter this stuff and the data capture hardware involved are light years ahead of what most people imagine.
The Echelon system was up and running in the 1980s and was tested on Ireland.
If that facility existed 30 years ago there are quite clearly systems in place that are orders of magnitude more powerful today.


This is where your Love or at least humanities power for love will be tested the most it’s ever been.


As long as they don’t cotton on to my use of Expat Shield and Replay Media Catcher 4 to download programs from the BBC iPlayer, I’ve nothing else to hide. I worry about a brave new society of the future where they’ll catch criminals like me and lock me up in a cell where reruns of Fair City are blasted from speakers 24/7.


Well maybe in the future the government will take a strong dislike to those with religious/social/economic views such as yours… Has happened before plenty of times.


Particularly active surveillance of Xtians is required - there can be no religion except the state-mandated one. If citizens get funny religious or spiritual ideas in their heads and post them “online” other citizens could potentially be influenced in a non-predictable fashion - and who knows what might happen then?


Yes, but the amount of communications data generated has also exploded in comparison with the 1980s. I’d expect 99.9999999% of communications to be passed through fairly light filters, with only a tiny tiny percentage kept for further analysis.


Interesting. How long after the fact? Also, was one party already ‘a person of interest’?
VOIP makes interception quite straightforward, but the quantities of data involved are staggering.


For an individual stream/line, yes I would think so, but for millions of streams/lines I think VOIP makes things much simpler than traditional phone equipment.


Confirmation on the scale of the phone call stuff … ourt-order


Probably depends upon what VOIP you use.
Microsoft bought Skype in 2011.
Microsoft’s new Xbox ONE can be switched on by voice command (so the mic is always on).
You may also be able to switch it on via hand signals (so the camera/kinect may also always be on).

How quickly do you think Microsoft would handover details of non-US based Skype calls to US authorities ?


Microsoft Buys Skype For $8.5 Billion
eBay Makes $2.5 Billion, Founders Make $1.19 Billion

Now if I was to take a stab in the dark about which company used CIA money, I’m fairly sure which one I’d go for.


Well probably both… If the CIA had asked me to buy Skype, I’d wait my 5 years or whatever and then be like “Oh Hi, I’ve held this dog for 5 years, now coincidentally Huawei want to buy it from me. You better find me a nice American buyer quick who’s willing to pay, oh, $2bn more than I paid, or it’s going to China.”


Skype came from the same guys who were behind Kazaa, iirc, and this made a lot of network-y types very distrustful of Skype in the early days.


Apocalypse continues…


Now combine that with the Xbox ONE which is is always-online and always watching.

Should have been named Xbox 1984.

*Edit *: (Damn, I thought I was original calling it Xbox 1984, but it appears I’m late to the game) …