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Why? Are you suggesting that Freedom Hosting did not knowingly host a large proportion of the world’s child porn sites at the time?


EU lawmakers urge block on US access to SWIFT bank data - -> … a-17179462


Eric Eoin Marques is apparently trying to get the DPP to charge him in Ireland so he can’t be extradited to the US. Maximum sentence is 14 years here vs 100 in US.


Irish privacy boss hauled to court for NOT probing Facebook for spook links -> … arvesting/


Ive no idea about this case and am just reacting to the headline that the FBI are pushing. Seems strange that there is one big child porn source, I would have thought that it would have been fairly decentralized.


The P2P stuff is decentralised, but the web stuff not so much. The ISP/hosting industry worldwide has done so much work on eradicating this stuff (80-90% of material removed within 7 days of reporting) that when the bad guys find a hoster willing to ignore takedown notices they’re like flies on shit. (Useless stats: there have only ever been two instances of CP hosted in Ireland to my knowledge).

Interestingly developed countries like Holland, US and Canada are by far the biggest source of web-based CP, presumably because of the sheer number of cheap hosting companies and the number of cloud services hosting there; it’s like playing whack-a-mole.

One of the problems with the Darknet stuff is that it’s presumably not going to show in the official INHOPE stats for CP reporting (yes there are official stats on this sort of thing); the sort of people who find CP on dark net sites are unlikely to report it to their local Hotline/law enforcement.

Freedom Hosting got a reputation for hosting this stuff and was quite long-lived, so it would not surprise me at all if they had a significant portion of the market.


Cheers Mantissa, makes sense.


Of course I’m not trying to say the FBI are telling the truth :smiley:

I’m not as up on this as I used to be (no, not like that you sickos). I will ask a man who knows and see what he thinks.

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Data Drops, a network of offline data exchange spots world wide (none in Ireland yet, easily remedied by an energetic pinster…)


This is a terrible idea.

Plugging a random USB key into your laptop is just begging to be virused.


Not if you use protection, or a mac. But I think its like the geocache scene, very subcultural.



NSA asked Linus to put backdoors in Linux. Not clear whether he complied. … -gnulinux/