Control of the internet


I think it’s a “you had an affair with my wife” and another thing, “you couldn’t even keep it a secret from the papers” type-thing.


I think it’s more … ‘When I said there was an understanding you could bug our phones, I didn’t expect you to bug ***mine ***!’


Realpolitik: 2 reasons why.

Snowden would be bad for business. Germany is a major exporter. Having Snowden on the agenda at every intergovernmental conference would be a barrier to getting deals signed. The only reason the Germans (and other countries) sent troops to Afghanistan was to keep their export markets to the United States open.

Snowden would be a lightning rod for political activism in Germany. Remember they have political groups such as the pirate party there and in the run up to the election, his presence would make an issue of the German governments own activities especially on behalf of the corporations against its own citizens.


Unlike some hype-ridden stuff of late, here’s a rather interesting paper detailing how researchers were able to get a 4096-bit key off a computer by listening to the sound of its CPU decrypting something, using a mobile phone. Fascinating stuff (to me anyway).


I’m also reading that, summary here. … tion-keys/


So it wasn’t the bolloxed version of OpenSSL: … ial_sorta/

As one of the comments says:


Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit -> … 40969.html


More on the above, from Jacob Applebaum at the 2013 Chaos Communication Congress, 30th Dec.

Blue Horseshoe


France-UAE satellite deal shaky after US spy tech discovered onboard – report ->


Ford Exec: ‘We Know Everyone Who Breaks The Law’ Thanks To Our GPS In Your Car ->

Ford Exec Retracts Statements About Tracking Drivers With The GPS In Their Cars -> … gps-2014-1


How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet - Steven Levy -> … ernet/all/



Mistrust In Google At All Time High - -> … time-high/



I think duckduck uses google though. Does it encrypt to and from?


IIRC it uses the Google API, but google does’t see your info (IP address, cookies etc).


FG TD wants Firefox and Bitcoin banned. The stupid is strong with this one … /index.xml


But his next constituency newsletter can say something along the lines of:


He also says that “pornography” is illegal. He’s certainly not the smartest peanut in the turd.


Whoops, FG took the page down!