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Definitely not. He’s working on the checkout in my local Tesco, next aisle to Elvis.


Looks like the Tor project is in the process of imploding, in some combination of sexual predation and/or SJWs hysteria among the staff, depending on who you ask. Key people are dropping out because they don’t “feel safe” and now there’s a call for a complete 1-day shutdown of all exit nodes to protest the way someone was treated. Twitter-based internet hysteria a la Gamergate.

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Thanks Mantissa for the Gamergate reference, there’s ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back!!


I’m guessing a few Pinsters need to change their passwords

InfoWars account details hacked, leaked


For a site dedicated to paranoid fantasists, they’re quite naive about the internet!


This just PROVES that the government is watching them.


On topic literally… tomorrow the US cedes legal oversight and control of ICANN, which controls the domain name system. It was overseen by the US Dept of Commerce for historical reasons.

ICANN are your typical international body - full of politics and possibly worse, but at least this is recognising that the internet no longer belongs to the US government.


FBI seized and operated 23 child porn sites in the “dark web” (about half the Tor child porn sites) and used them to infect visitors with malware to reveal their IPs. … from-them/

An interesting if controversial investigative technique. Also a reminder that Tor is a big LEO honeypot.


Turns out they went for a variant of option three. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


The Vault7 release confirms this.

Irrespective of who the USA president is/was (Obama, Nixon, Bush, David Duke, Jane Fonda…) , ‘they’ simply weren’t go allow anyone to communicate with ‘they’ being able to eavesdrop on the conversation.

Unless you build the communications system yourself* (the physical layer and software/encryption etc…) then one cannot complain about being spied upon.

  • don’t feel too bad if one doesnt feel up to the task, those who are telecoms professionals couldn’t even build their own network themselves as part of their hobby.


In fact, what the Vault7 leak actually implies (assuming it is accurate) is that even if you build your own communications system you will be spied upon. You would need to take extraordinary measures to avoid spying by a serious government actor.

On the other hand, you can probably assume that you’re far too boring for the CIA to be actively spying on you.


Maybe so to the CIA, but not the NSA! 8DD


You may be confusing actively and passively spying on you. They’re probably hoovering up whatever you post here along with everything else, but they’re probably not trying to identify your specific living room TV in order to listen to your pronouncements.


A rather uninteresting item about fracking protestors in the Netherlands … especially if you don’t speak Dutch.

What’s more interesting is if you view it on youtube … there’s a banner under the vid I’ve never seen before:

When did they start doing that?


5 years, 7 months and 13 days later (give or take) Eric Eoin Marques is finality extradited to the US.

Since his initial arrest, an entire US Admin has come and gone.

What took so long?

Sure 'tis Ireland or did it take for the arrival of the current US Admin reportedly the most serious in prosecuting such crimes to move things along. `


The DOJ today revealed its proposal to modify the Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, part of which gives tech giants that own social platforms the ability to moderate content they deem "obscene, lewd, lascivious, filthy, excessively…

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National data watchdogs will be able to pursue big tech firms even if they are not their lead regulators, the European Union’s top court has ruled.

The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruling opens the way for national agencies to act against US tech companies such as Google, Twitterand Apple, which all have their European Union headquarters in Ireland.

Under EU rules, these companies would face oversight by the Irish data protection authority. But Tuesday’s ruling confirmed that a national data protection authority can take a company to court in its own country under GDPR when there are cross-border data processing activities.

The case came before the ECJ following a challenge taken by Facebookagainst the territorial competence of the Belgian data watchdog to stop it from tracking users in Belgium through cookies stored in the company’s social plug-ins, regardless of whether they have an account or not.

“Under certain conditions, a national supervisory authority may exercise its power to bring any alleged infringement of the GDPR before a court of a member state, even though that authority is not the lead supervisory authority with regard to that processing,” the ECJ said.


Ireland’s Office of the Data Protection Commission (DPC) has faced criticism from national watchdogs in the 27 member states that it is under-resourced for the task and takes too long to decide on cases.

The DPC has dismissed this, saying it has to be extra meticulous in dealing with powerful and well-funded tech giants.


Conspiracy Fact!

Fact no less… FACT! :wink:

To repeat th point, this kind of manipulation was manifest in the lead up and around the 8th Referendum, both Google and Facebook conspired to influencing a little tax haven backwaters election outcome by tampering with searches and suppressioning certain result appearing in the SERPS, actively curating and influence the mass voting mind by making sure they only saw the right information and never the wrong information - there will ne no tribunals or anything like that, here we are again with further extra confirmation what everyone should know at this point and if you don’t you should:

A Big Tech whistleblower said Google altered its algorithm in order to ensure that negative stories from the establishment media about former Present Donald Trump were what people saw when using the highest-trafficked website on the internet.

Zach Vorhies, who previously worked for Google, said in an interview with The Epoch Times that the tech titan specifically tailored its news algorithm to harm the former president.

Vorhies has written a book about his experience working at Google. He said he wanted to “take conspiracy theory and turn it into conspiracy fact” by sharing the practices he saw as a longtime former employee, working on both Google and YouTube projects.

I had many version of this point written p over the year but never actually posted or maybe I’ve already posted this and forgot where.

I had nicely research piece with lots of back up links on the topics, it was a fascinating stuff, but sadly I don’t have the time to rebuild it - to be brief, as possible, what many probably don’t realise and I never never actually seen acknowledge here (I might have missed it) what has been easily deductible by looking at trends and online forums, the very bed rock of the internet communities, the village’s, hamlets, towns and metropolises of the net have been routed and throttled by big tech, utterly decimated in growth potential terms, unless you paid to play the game.

Much like in England as the agricultural peoples to the cities in their droves to meet the demand for industrial jobs in cities, or like the local market squares and corner shops, swapped for the mega malls. That kind of big trend.

Starved of traffic, it’s a universal thing, social media destroyed the vast majority of existing forums. I think the traffic decline started around 2010 and never stopped. So all you people who moan and say “oh what happened to the pin it’s not the same”… blah blah blah, seriously wake up, the traffic tied was pulley’s out as big tech sucked it all in.

“People kind of suspect this is happening. That certain keywords trigger things within the algorithm … That is actually happening,” he told the Times, noting that newly written stories about Trump were digitally married with older ones to ensure they remained at the top of search results.

“They actually have that. They show like a graph, a tree, and they say actually this forms a super-story that spans eight days,” he said.

“So, with the Trump/[former FBI Director James] Comey thing, they’re able to keep the stories boosted all the way at the top because the algorithm was able to fold a news story into the stories that were preceding it in the last five days,” Vorhies added.

“They allowed the mainstream media to structure their stories so that they could remain at the top of their search index, of their news index,” he continued.

It’s been a hand in glove operation.

How is it that the old gatekeepers dinosaur media which caught on the hop with the internet, in the early late 90’s early 00’s, and then took appxrox 5-8 years to get their shit in gear, to then get knocked back GFC, clearing out some media operation globally, suddenly get back on top online against all those odds.

It’s not hard to figure this out.

Hand in glove operation. More proof. Not the first leak by any means and easily deducted through observing trends in the industry and user behaviour, i.e. young-blood didn’t go to the forums, it went right into social media tiny few social control platforms. There are exceptions as mentioned if you payed to play the game, but SERPS changed the way you first experienced them and many didn’t notice. Google dominating approx 80% of all online searches is a screamer. All very much the very definition of the Matrix.

“The madness of Big Tech and their attempt to mold our reality into a version compatible with their globalist view of the world has never been portrayed better than in this chilling account by Google whistleblower,” the book’s listing on Amazon states.

We’re in an end game now by all accounts on all fronts. Feels like weeks not months. Some good stuff will come out of this and needed course corrections.


I knew this would be useful one day. Here is a screen grab from 17/5/2018 (1 week before the abortion-on-demand referendum). The search term was “save the 8th”.