Control of the internet


You may be confusing actively and passively spying on you. They’re probably hoovering up whatever you post here along with everything else, but they’re probably not trying to identify your specific living room TV in order to listen to your pronouncements.


A rather uninteresting item about fracking protestors in the Netherlands … especially if you don’t speak Dutch.

What’s more interesting is if you view it on youtube … there’s a banner under the vid I’ve never seen before:

When did they start doing that?


5 years, 7 months and 13 days later (give or take) Eric Eoin Marques is finality extradited to the US.

Since his initial arrest, an entire US Admin has come and gone.

What took so long?

Sure 'tis Ireland or did it take for the arrival of the current US Admin reportedly the most serious in prosecuting such crimes to move things along. `