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Again, you need to be careful tossing around words like “random” and “unique” in a mathematical discussion… Talking about two pairs being random doesn’t mean anything.

There are lots of ways to generate primes that are sufficiently unpredictable to be absolutely fine.


Or that they think the time-frame of relevance is long.

NIST have guidelines too, pages 62-66 of following of relevance: … eneral.pdf (got link here).


Ah, but it is no longer a mathematical discussion, it is a software discussion. The generation of random numbers is a difficult business. If a particular piece of software or worse a random number generation function is compromised such that what it generates can be predicted, even within a range of possibilities, it fundamentally weakens the software.


I did kinda wonder if the breakthrough was to break an older form of encryption quickly so that they would be able to read oodles of stuff they had previously stored. Sure there’s time sensitive data, but a lot of it is not.


Swift: U.S. intelligence agencies monitor European bank accounts -> google translate]

No economic espionage? NSA docs show US spied on Brazil oil giant Petrobras ->


NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans’ data with Israel - Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ewen MacAskill -> … -documents


Turns out the NSA had a backdoor in one of the NIST-approved pseudo-random number generators. Shneier wrote about this as a possibility several years ago but some of the Snowden materials hve confirmed it. In fairness no-one actually uses Dual_EC_DRBG but still…


Marques had another bail hearing on Thurs (denied yesterday). A few more details came out. Full extradition hearing at some point which should be interesting. … n-marques/


Some of the ways it’s possible to subvert random numbers: … tor_attack


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Cool, thank you!


Inside the mind of NSA chief General Keith Alexander -Glenn Greenwald -> … -star-trek




Tell-all telephone -> … retention/

This is one example how the “metadata” they collect can be used.

NSA data center ‘meltdowns’ force year-long delay -> … onomyId=68

What are their backups like?



NSA collects millions of e-mail address books globally -> … story.html

#188 … place.html

#189 … 85956.html


You have to wonder about any case where the FBI are using that kind of language to prosecute someone.