Convent View, Tullamore, Co. Offaly (-50k, -20%)


21 August 2008
* Price changed: from ‘Region €250,000’ to ‘Region €200,000’
11 June 2008
* Initial entry found.

Was told by a man who lives practically next door to this house that it is now sale agreed, agreed price 175,000 euro - 75,000 drop - down 30 percent

In fairness, we’d need a bit more evidence that what ye heard. That’s as good as the paper/website it’s written on.

So whose evidence do you think would be more reliable - the neighbour or the auctioneer?

I believe you
but the accepted practice and convention here is to only post price drops that can be verified by third parties.
There are many posts particularly earlier attacking vested interests for spreading disinformation and rumour about the state of the market and particular criticism of the ptsb ersi house price index as being a makey up index which they changed the rules on half way through the down turn.

So feel free to post such anecdotes but I would say that just by the etiquette of the site it’s probably not in the house price drops forum place to do it.

Can one of the mods clarify if that’s the case.

The post lacks credibility. Start your own blog in your own name with proof that you are the neighbour. Post the drop there and link to it here. Show us you’re willing to get sued if your lying :slight_smile: