Conveyancing costs to increase (again!!) - stealth taxes

Properties with Registry of Deeds titles are now subject to compulsory first registration when sold. This was extended nationwide in the last couple of years.

The cost of first registration is now being increased to €500 from €85. This applies unless the solicitor is willing to certify title including certifying the boundaries. Any solicitor with half a brain will not certify boundaries so this €500 will be the standard.

Add to this the cost of the map for first registration which will cost you around €300.

That is an increased cost of €715 in the last couple of years - €300 for the seller and €415 (500 - 85) for the purchaser.

It seems to me that the PRA have had to take on extra work, reduce their staff, impose higher registration fees on buyers and impose higher sales expenses (map) on sellers at a time when the state can’t afford to do the work and people cannot afford to pay the fees.

You’re totally wrong. The problem is that we don’t have enough inflation. This measure will increase inflation and it is therefore good. A few more of these measures and the debt overhang will no longer be a problem*

  • we’ll be too busy digging for roots with sharpened sticks to care…