Coolattin, 292 Rathmines Road Lower (-55k, -6.5%)


looking at it on google maps it appears to have a Paddy Power shop stuck on the front of it.
The extensive renovation they’ve clearly done to this place doesn’t stack up with “we out the back of the betting shop”
Strange decision to spend so much on this house turning it into a family home. I personally can’t see the appeal but we’ll wait and see what price it achieves…


No think it’s beside Carphone warehouse. I’m new to this forum. It’s great. So much information. That looks like a gorgeous house. Yes very interesting to see what it makes. I rather like the fact it appears so hidden. Had never noticed houses there and walk up and down this road every single day! Garden looks fab!


You need to go look at more gardens if this one rocks your world :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the pin.

The reason it’s so difficult to sell (look at when this thread started) is that it is set up as a family home but it does not have essential things for a family home like parking to the front. Neither does it have rear access and it would be difficult to get a pram up those steps. What parent would want their kids living at such a busy road junction?

The bigest drawback is the kerb appeal. The front is hideous with the access squeezed between two shops on a very busy junction.

The interior is fantastic but who would want to receive guests through such a hideousness setting? May suit a blind person who likes to live near the shops and doesn’t mind traffic noise.

There are much better family homes with gardens and pretty frontage for the same money not far away.

This place would be more suitable as flats / bedsits or appartments. Family home it ain’t.


God people are very sarcy on this forum!Personally find the curved wall in the garden really something. I like it. Obviously the adv or disadvantage depending on the person is the front. I like the hidden aspect of it. I’d prefer the wow factor once guests arrive as opposed to pretty on the outside and hideous on the inside. Have looked at plenty in this area before we bought and none were as pretty as this.
Will keep an eye on this. Prams and buggies may be a drawback with steps but think kids grow up pretty fast these days! Plus don’t all period houses have steps! I’d say your safe as houses in that place considering I never noticed the property and the Garda station so close.


Again welcome to the pin, it’s nice to see new posters.

You are correct, steps and buggies don’t mix and kids do grow up fast but unless you are only planning one kid you could be using a buggy for the best part of 15 yrs. we have 3 and hope to ditch the buggy next year. That will make 9 yrs of buggies start to finish.

Families eat a lot more than a couple. Consider this; how stress full will it be to do the weekly shop?

You have one baby in the car seat two other kids hungry and fighting, you have more shopping bags than you can carry. How do you get them all safely into this house with out leaving them unattended and or doors open / unlocked in both the house and he car. Remember you are parking somewhere in a nearby side road so it’s going to take several trips!

It’s not a good family home. So won’t appeal to that segment of the market. It’s to big and grand to appeal to most couples. It’s all wrong

It will eventually sell I’ve no idea what it’s worth. I would buy it for €100k and rent it out. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole at the asking.


According to the register it went for €760k in 2011. … enDocument

Very nice inside but would think they would have been better off spending their money renovating a house on a quieter road.


Lazy of me not to check the register.

I wonder what the back story is here. The renovation must have cost well in excess of €125k the break even point if you sell it at the asking.

Must be a failed investment or voluntary liquidation.


Given whats written in this tread I think it was probably sold in 2011 in fully renovated condition like it is now. Probably the previous owners were the one who took the big hit. Interesting that the current owners only held on to it for two years before deciding to sell it.


Probably didn’t like carting the shopping up those steps from a car parked roux the corner. Still if they get the asking or near it that would be a nice flip.


So new to this. Had posted but it failed. Looking at other properties now. Sister may be moving home. This one she loves but out of price range. Don’t agree with shopping issue. I live in Rathmines with 3 kids and rarely do weekly shop. Between aldi, lidl, Tesco and dunnes I run out of all of them constantly coming from work so never ever bring the car with me. That’s why I love rathmines as opposed to posher ranelagh! It has everything. I’m from the country so parking a non issue there but have grown to accept parking majority if timed accept issue in Dublin in these houses. Don’t all nice houses have granite steps! Mine has & love them!


Shopping would certainly not be a problem given that there is a Tesco about 50 meters away (and an Aldi and Lidl within 200). Lovely house. Might not suit a family with a gaggle of kids but you could bring up one or two very comfortably.


Man, it is real deja vue round here. I haven’t been on in a while, but when I joined the pin this was one of the houses I was looking at. So, same house, property bubbling up again and same questions. The house was as nicely renovated when it sold the last time so something funny about this one I think. The lack of parking was a show-stopper for me (my 2 rules: always have parking, and don’ live in somebody’s garden (i.e. mews)). I bought just down the road from this in Leinster Square and parking would be a nightmare for this place. The only semi-practical option I can think of would be to rent a spot in the swan center a minute away, but wait until you have to drag stuff back. But its a lovely house, in a great area (not everyone likes Rathmines I know, but to put it bluntly - they’re wrong :slight_smile:

But, no parking and overlooked garden just off the main road - no sale.


I live close by with 3 kids, and would happily move into this house in the morning, as it would be about 4 or 5 times bigger than what we currently have. I’d haul my trusty French ‘caddy’ with my shopping up the steps.


‘Resident disk parking for 3 cars on Charleville Road - one minute away’ in the ad. Not sure how the residents of this road will feel about having 3 parking spaces given away to distant neighbours. In any case there is usually a 2 disk limit per house - I wonder how these disks were obtained?

If there is a problem with this house it may relate to sewage. Many landlords have (illegally) built over sewage access in this area and when the Swan river (that runs under Rathmines) floods then all sorts of problems arise. If you are thinking of buying I would get that aspect checked out (your surveyor should be aware of these issues in any case).


Previously Dublin City Council bye-laws permitted 3 units per single unit house in a heavy demand area so I would say they quite legitimately have 3 discs. When a road gets disc parking now it is a max of 2 discs per single unit house in a heavy demand area.


Sold I see.


Sold for 785k … nd-100314/


on again at 975k


Short history, based on this thread

Aug. 2007 – asking 850k (before renovations?)

Oct 2010 - Felicity Fox asking €795K

March 2011 – sold for €760k … enDocument

Oct. 2013 - Back For Sale @ €795k

Jan. 2014 - Sold

March 2014 – sale registered for 785k … nd-100314/

Feb. 2018 - back on with Youngs, asking 975k. … n-1635861/

If it gets asking, Rathmines will be close to 2007 peak (850K plus 150K for renovations) XD