Cork County Council selling hundreds of houses.

Cork County Council has put hundreds of properties for sale on the open market. These are all houses that were acquired from developers since 2006 for resale as Affordable Housing but which failed to sell mainly due to the fact that they were on offer at above the market price. A couple of issues.

Are the new open market prices lower than prices available for similar type properties?
Anyone interested in buying one of these properties?
Will they sell?
Has anyone had any dealings with the Council in relation to viewing or buying any of the properties.?

Some of the properties have now been put up on DAFT and These however are only some of the units that are available … -Cork.aspx

Council running out of money no doubt.

They borrowed heavily to buy these properties. many were purchased in the months before the 2007 election and have been vacant since. However there is another thread on the general issue of affordable housing and whether it would be better to buy now or continue renting. I would be more interested in advice for those like me that might be interested in buying one from the Council.

What are the terms and conditions?
Is there any clawback if you sell before 20 years?
What if you decide to move out in a few years time and want to rent it out?
Are there any restrictions on who you can sell to when you wish to sell?
Are there any restrictions on who will give you a mortgage for this
etc, etc

Half of them are on Ghost Estates, at least in North Cork.

Cardboard box is cheaper…

Well as they say, there’s one born every day.


Steady Howitzer, we can’t all be banned…

Great Marketing, You really get a feel for the property. I suppose honesty is the best policy

What irks me about those posters is that they are the very same type of folks who will be whining for a bail-out in a few years. At my expense. :imp:

Haha Howitz, brilliant. Step out of your bubble man. :smiley:

I suppose someone from this site would come across as being a bit of a know it all at times but seriously, if that girl with the kid is that strapped for cash then the affordable house scheme is no place for her. I have a friend on the AH scheme who is pinned to the collar every single week. Not to be recommended for those strapped for cash. Bite the bullet and apply for social housing, especially if you have a kid. Top of the list.

jeez have never read askaboutmoney before,
tis mental over there, poor auld howitzer fighting the brave fight there…
the comments from people in response are hilarious until you realize they are real people…
to stay on topic, what is that about the department of environment insisting the coco’s buy house before the election? to keep prices up or what?

No Affordable Housing Scheme conditions. Straight sale and you get your own mortgage from a bank. not even necessary to be a FTB

Indeed they are but lots of them are in fairly good locations. Get the sense with the Council that it is very much take it or leave it. I assume that there will be no negotation on price allowed and you will have to deal with local authority red tape.
The question is are they good enough value to justify the additional hassle. surprised that thread of AAM has survived this long. and that woman really doesn’t seem to understand that she would have paid more under the Affordable Housing Scheme.

After Howitzer went to considerable effort to point out the problems with the AH scheme, one of posters who had been saying they can only get a property using AH says: “There is no clawback on these properties are they are being sold on the open market.” Frightening.

Oh, and in case anyone needs it:

None of them are in North Cork.

I’m a little confused.

These houses are being sold on the open market, so what Howitzer is saying about the clauses is rubbish. NewUser is perfectly correct in his assertion.

As for my opinion, I think these gaffs aren’t as bad as you lot are making out.

  1. They’re all within 20-40 minutes commute of Cork City.
  2. The prices are actually below current market value.
  3. Most are houses and none of them are in bad areas.

I would go as far as saying that these gaffs need only a further 20% discount before they fall in the realm of being genuinely affordable/at fair value.

another few dozen properties added to Daft today. so far all those on offer are in South Cork

NewUser is bemoaning the end of the AH scheme. Howitzer is pointing out that there is no clawback on the current sale (as it is on the open market). In an astonishingly cunning turn of logic, NewUser attacks Howitzer using his own point. Hah, hoist on your own petard, weren’t you there yoganmahew!