Cork - thinking of buying & looking for thorough engineer

Long time lurker and eventually looking to take the plunge and buy a house, finding it a bit daunting with hearing about all the subsidence problems on the south side of the city, it seems almost unavoidable in most of that side. I would love to get a good thorough engineer that would inspect the drains and everything, so if anyone has a recommendation I would greatly appreciate it. Solicitor recommendation would be quite welcome as well actually! Cheers

Welcome Boomy
I used these lads
PM me for more details, also they were insistent on getting a video done of all the drains so Cork Drains did a lovely video of my drains with a micro cam yoke. Where are you thinking of buying ?

thanks discostu, will look them up now. we are looking in the turners cross area, not too familiar with the area to be honest but the house is exactly what we are looking for. would definitely want a good check of the drains and all that rather than a quick once over.

Stall the fecking ball I am a Turners Cross native born alongside Sullivans Garage, nurtured in Scoil Críost Rí forged in the furnace that was Coláiste Chíost Rí, Nemo, and Cork City to the bone. Living in Bishopstown for the last 20+ years but ALWAYS A TURNERS CROSS BOY.
Any questions ask or PM me