Corner Turned - Major Boost for Construction

Happy Days Are here Again 8) …

Location tullamore

anybody know how much public money has been pumped into our leaders constituency since his appointment

would be interesting to compare with other areas

Ha ha, if people had spent some time on the bog as youngsters, they wouldn’t have much interest in a visitor centre. In my day :slight_smile:

The actual location of the ‘centre’ will be in Clara just down from Brother Christy’s pub -looks like the AV fit-out has already been promised :mrgreen:

The centre is a good bit away from the pub.
A tender to install a few screens and projectors is hardly much of a boost for the construction industry?

Celtworld II


BTDT got the T-shirt. It’s brown with holes and smells of diesel.

Did anyone hang onto the S. Tribune business section this week? - There was a section on ‘state of the art’ conference centres which seemed to revolve around Cowen’s constituency. And maybe I recall that there were other references in other parts of the paper? My copy is gone, but I remember thinking, Jeez, this stuff is all in Cowen’s constituency…

@ tea drinker,

Was your tea cold and in a nash’s lemonade bottle?

A visitor centre for a bog. A Fucking Bog.

Somebody somewhere needs a good kickin’.