Coronavirus 2020



Where do we stand?

The Thing has mutated.

It is more contagious but less deadly.

Anticpated from the start, that any mutations were likely to see a trade off on lethality for virulency.

Does a sample of search results as per below, illustrate the consistency and prevalence of such a reality now?








Case rises, but not deaths.

Therefore, the rise in cases is a known expected and desired outcome surely. An actual positive, not a negative. Compounded by the false positives of PCR process used as a test, which I’ve seen stated to range from anything to 20-84%, again;

WHO to believe?

What to believe?

In simple terms is The Thing closer to flu or even common cold.

Is this where things stand?

Shutting down a nation once more to eradicate something that might be no more deadly than the common cold.

Shutting down family relations. Dividing and further isolationing people at a time when we are naturally on average more vulnerable and dependant on each other due to the predictable seasonal hardships.

Did Trump pull a King Canute and now the rest of us are living in the counter move? :whistle:


Generic Irish Times Southsider raises questions but has no answers other than ‘be patient’

“So I can see my mother in the supermarket but I can’t visit her in her garden?” “So they’re closing pubs but not the airports?” “Answers on a postcard.” “Only in Ireland . .
It’s about five minutes since Tony Holohan and his deputies were national treasures. Now to judge from public commentary, they are merely a small unrepresentative group of doctors who are only part of the response and don’t get the big picture.


All those sixes. Not a coincidence. :icon_evil:


The Vatican in trouble, 14 day incidence the highest of 54 countries in the WHO European reporting region





So no aparrent benefit.



If you weren’t thinking this, similar or what else we might not know about all the players elected and unelected, perhaps start and encourage others to do so.


Two former taoisigh amongst many big names on the board of this CCP front:
The section on “global governance” in their research interests is particularly sinister.


Marc Coleman is back in the game! :sunglasses:


Thanks HSE, your the tops.

Now don’t forget to clap for heroes .


Thank God my parents are able to take care of themselves and don’t need to go into a home. Its shameful, I appreciate that its a private home, but the government should have planned for eventualities like this, its wasnt hard to see coming. Not going to be the last one either this autumn/winter I bet :frowning:


“the re-ordering of global economic relations consequent to the emergence of China as the world’s largest economy, in particular the IMF, World Bank, WTO and UN organisations”

Plenty of re-ordering done, more to do.

Similar greasing up Grandees in the UK as well:

Lord Browne (ex BP CEO)

Alexander Downing (ex Aussie minister and ambassador - did the bait and switch for the Steele dossier)

Although Brits may be waking up to it.

Makes you wonder what they are getting in return for 10% for the big guy.


I stand by my prediction that Level 5 will fall apart after about three weeks if not sooner, It’s already causing chaos in all kinds of areas…

“Some drivers are describing it as ‘mayhem’, as excessive numbers of commuters try to board buses across a range of routes. Some Bus Éireann services have also experienced capacity constraints where demand has outstripped the Level 5 reduced capacity.”


The Best Is Yet To Come


What do you mean by ‘fall apart’? General lack of public adherence? Do you think restaurants/pubs will start opening again?


I think it’ll be a combination of a lack of compliance, confusion, apathy, frustration, anger and a general air of hopelessness. There isn’t anything like the buy-in from the public this time around that we had last March. The Gardai clearly don’t like having to police these stringent rules and have made that clear.

I also think there’ll be growing political pressure to ease some of the measures which will result in a gradual chipping away of restrictions. (There is already talk of easing things on a county-by-county rather than on a national basis.)

The way I think it’ll happen is - the figures won’t come down dramatically enough for NPHET to recommend easing restrictions. People will give up even trying and the Government will try to take control of the situation by coming up with a short roadmap out of Level 5 with the hope that it’ll buy them another week or two.

And remember - today isn’t the first day of severe restrictions. In Dublin we’re already five weeks at Level 3.5-plus, which closed all indoor dining/drinking and banned travelling outside the County. It made little difference…

(Oh and I think some “bad” things might happen too. I’m not sure what form these might take but a lot of lives and livelihoods have been destroyed beyond rescue. We all know people who are on edge, some with nothing left to lose. Add the dark days and cold winter ahead and it’s a lethal combination.)

100% agree. This is the beginning, I fear its going to get ugly, quickly.

Just to add… Anthony Fauci co-authored a paper in 2008 showing that most deaths in the 1918 pandemic were caused by Streptococcus and Staphylococcus upper respiratory tract bacterial infection – EXACTLY what masks incite.

Conclusions . The majority of deaths in the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic likely resulted directly from secondary bacterial pneumonia caused by common upper respiratory-tract bacteria. Less substantial data from the subsequent 1957 and 1968 pandemics are consistent with these findings

Predominant Role of Bacterial Pneumonia as a Cause of Death in Pandemic Influenza: Implications for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

Abstract. Background. Despite the availability of published data on 4 pandemics that have occurred over the past 120 years, there is little modern information


That’s a facile argument against masks today, 1918 was before the era of antibiotics.


Its not my argument, copy and paste.

My own argument would be a little bit more logical. “Cases” have gone up since the mask wearing diktat was brought in. Just saying like.